Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My Saturday was spent in bed, all day long. The summer flu, or as you may know, most of those cases of 12-24 hour summer flu are actually food poisoning. I was trying to remember what I could possibly have eaten since I eat mainly fruits and vegetables. Suddenly remembering I had to run errands from work the other day and grabbed a take-out sushi, I was certain it was the sushi. I sure was ill. Then I heard today that tomatoes are causing food poisoning, I am almost sure that I hadn't had a tomato in over a week.

Sunday we spent the day at the Expo Center in Sacramento enjoying the Horse Expo. It is a huge event, a fun-filled 3 days for the horse junkie. Jerry went Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. He bought way too much stuff. He likes to shop much more than I do. He did get good stuff though. Sunday we picked out two large framed prints for walls in the house that needed pictures.

I spent my day off yesterday, organizing the master closet. It is done. It is good. I don't use color coded hangers, but it is still good. Also did laundry, gardening, house cleaning, etc.

Finally had a chance to bath the beast. The dog has been in the 'dog house'. He took off after a skunk on the property Wednesday night, would not come back to me, and got skunked full force directly in the face. He 'then' came running back to me, whining, squinty eyed, and trying to rub his skunk-stinked body on my jeans. He got in a few rubs before I got in the house. He was banned from the house, until last night after his de-scenting.

The kittens are doing fine. They have a large wire crate to be safe in while we are away from home and to be safe from the wild energy of the dog until they are larger. Cort carries his large rubber Kong toy to their crate and drops it there for them, hoping for playmates. I don't let him play with them yet.

Today was a busy day at work. Nothing exciting, a pleasant day.


Anonymous said...

No sushi for me, yuckky stuff. See, it makes one sick. Seems you have to watch everything you put in your mouth these days, tomatoes, what next.

Man, you sure can get in a lot of work in one day. Takes a Good organizer I guess.

Sounds like fun days at Expo.Costly too.

I bet Cort would be real good with the kittens. Even gives them his toy. Do the kittens go to him, when he goes by their pen?

Skunk smell, Oman, it sure does stink. I don't know any worse smell. We must have had a skunk by the house last evening, windows were open, when all of sudden, Skunk smell so bad, come in house.It kind of made me want to up-chuck, how does one get away from smell when gets in air in house. Was so glad it was so windy and it finaly blow out of house. Clean air again.
I bet Cort runs away next time, he sees skunk in yard. Poor dog. I bet you wished you didn't have to be by poor Cort with that sick smell.

Stay well, no more sushi. XO
"Hi Jerry"

MUD said...

My sister's little dog Ernie got skunked once and from then on he hated skunks. He would go for miles to find one and kill them. Needless to say, they went through enough tomato juice and Hydrogen Peroxide to fuel the space program. He also hated copperheads and got bit so many times that the Vet finally told them that the anti-venom would not work the next time. This past week, Ernie finally met his last one. I try to never eat fish bait so sushi is no on my list of foods eaten raw, cooked or in any shape.
From the looks of the pictures, you need to add a lot of compost to your soil to have a great garden. Start composting your vegitable scraps and leaves. Add a little water to the pile and stir from time to time. Just so you know, we added composted manure from WalMart to our garden and everything died the first garden of this year. Some kind of vine borer that killed half and the insect killer did in the second half. Things are looking good now but we have had rain about every other day for what seems like weeks. Thanks for stopping by my blog site. I would be considered a Cowboy that's all hat and no cattle. MUD

Jenn said...

Ugh. Skunks. Akasha has a very faint odor of skunk on her that we just can't seem to get rid of. And when she gets wets...extra stinky!

I'll bet you had tomatoes on something and didn't realize it and that's what caused the ickies. You don't realize how many things have tomatoes in them until they aren't safe to eat any more! Thank goodness I'm growing my own. I love sushi and the girls practically BEG for sushi weekly and none of us have ever gotten sick from it.

I LOVE horse expos. I always spend too much, too, but really don't do much horse shopping the rest of the year. I replace all my worn tack, pick up new "stuff", etc. at the expos. Best prices there.

Karen Deborah said...

wow jam packed full days for you in spite of the yuk, GI stuff is always rough.
So what's your magic secret for getting your beastie smelling sweetie?
Good idea with the babies. Cort could eat them in one bite and not even mean too. He's such a cool dog. I got so used to skunks in Scotts Valley that it quit bothering me. BUT a face full is an entirely different story.
Ya'll are livin the life of Riley up there!

MUD said...

Skunk deodorizer = tomato juice and Hydrogen Peroxide. The vet here uses this because the soap he had was so expensive. MUD

Kathy said...

My favorite de-skunker is 1 bottle hydrogen peroxide, 1 box baking soda, 1 tablespoon dish soap, all mixed together and covered on dog, leave on 10 - 15 minutes and then rinse well. Makes them scent free and nice and shiny,

Anonymous said...

wow! Sounds like you've been busy!
Who's got time to be ill! Just talked to Amy, I'm getting Tristan tomorrow 'til they leave Thursday. I've been out of power so haven't read your blog for a week, 'til today. Took a peek at Tristans, how creative!

Courtney said...

Hey I tagged you if you are interested in playing along.

Anonymous said...
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Karen Deborah said...

are you still sick?