Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Road Trip

We enjoyed a quick road trip last week. Jerry had business in Eureka and I was able to ride along. The truth of the matter is, that I was along as driver so Jerry could work on his phone and computer as we traveled. He is quite the multi-task er, several deals going on at once.

We drove west to the Redwoods and then north to Eureka. The redwood forests are majestic.
I pulled over here to get a picture of the sunset through the trees.

We didn't have time this trip to get out and hike. This narrow winding stretch of road was so peaceful and beautiful with very little traffic.

Our room in Eureka was lovely. We had a nice jacuzzi in the room, comfortable beds and just a short walk to the waterfront.

After settling in our room, we went exploring. We found a restaurant/lumber museum that we thoroughly enjoyed. Here Jerry shows me old lumberjack boots or "corks". He's never worked as a lumberjack but his brother is one.

A nice display of antique cooking stove, supplies, pans and an antique cook.

We ate in this old Roadhouse, dinner was good and served family style. There were only about 9 diners and we were the last to leave. It was very active in the late 1800s and served three meals daily to the lumberjacks. I enjoyed reading several pages of fascinating history and stories.

I seem to find strange signs in the places I visit.

I walked to the water and this was the view. I was told that the smoke was steam from the paper plant or mill.
Jerry spent the day in meetings at the power plant. I spent the day walking around town in perfect weather.

Heading home we drove several miles north of Eureka and then headed east towards Redding.
Leaving early, the air was chill and patches of fog hovered above the forests. Jerry drove through the mountains allowing me to enjoy the scenery.

Small quaint, mountain villages nestle between the highway and mountains along the route. Patches of blue sky peak through pillowing clouds of fog. The forests were very dense and dark.
Perfect residential area for...........


Yes! We stopped at the Bigfoot Museum. But to my tremendous disappointment, it was CLOSED!

It was disturbing driving through this large area devastated by a previous wildfire. Looking carefully, white tubes can be seen protecting the tiny replacement saplings.

Almost back to the valley; the foothills and Whiskeytown Lake. That line of buoys seen above, is holding a 100 foot deep rubber curtain in place. The curtain separates the shallow warmed water from the deeper cold water. After building the reservoir, it was found that the water temperatures were too warm for the successful spawning of trout/salmon. The curtain has helped the fish survive.

One parting shot, and then my turn to drive the rest of the way home. Cell service back, Jerry once again busy on his phone and computer.
I'll be back one day to visit that Bigfoot Museum and to hike in the Redwood Forest. Who knows, I may even be the next one to film Bigfoot.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wish you were here.....

I copied these pictures from yesterday's email. My brother in Michigan misses us and wishes we were there. I packed up and headed West almost 10 years ago. I am not a grey sky, slushy snow kind of person.

More Michigan pictures, compliments of bro. I miss you too; our family get-togethers, the pranks and jokes, road trips, but....

These pictures were also taken on Jan. 31st.
See the blue skies and green grass?

The cowboy and ranchkid spent the day planting redwood trees.
See the green grass and blue skies?

January 31st, dafodils in full bloom.
Sorry David, I just couldn't resist.
I miss you too and wish you were here!
Your big sis.