Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking a lunch break.

Another day at home working around the Log Cabin and I am loving it. A breeze is rustling the leaves, making the 90 degree temperatures feel much cooler, and the sky is that deep shade of blue that encourages slow,deep breaths.

After seeing the rest of the family off to work and school this morning, I fed horses and assorted small pets, made my bed, watered the flower beds and veggie garden, visited on the computer for a bit and enjoyed a phone call with my 'across the continent' daughter.

I have a list of inside chores waiting to be done but decided to enjoy the great outdoors instead.

I started on straightening out the tack room. The clutter on the floor isn't always there, I emptied shelves to straighten and reorganize, moved saddles and bridles around, swept away spider webs. Decided I needed to go get a ladder or stool to continue. Wandered over to the garden to check the sprinklers....

Then...... started on this pile of iris roots, tubors or bulbs, whatever they are called. We worked on the front fence last week. The property is (or was) lined with irises along the road. Jerry had to dig them all up. So here they are in this pile. I started cutting off the green tops and putting the roots in the can. Then stopped. Am I supposed to wait until the greens turn brown to cut them off? When do I replant irises? What kind of fertilizer do I need to supplement the soil with before replanting? When do I dig up and thin the dafodils? When to plant my tulip bulbs? Dropped my scissors and wandered back to the barn....

Back to the barn; forgot my stool for the tack room, decided I'd clean the stalls. Odd as it sounds, stall cleaning relaxes me. My thoughts drifted to Tristan, this morning he asked his Mom if he needed to change clothes if he cleaned the stalls before school. Her answer was, "yes, you can't go to school smelling like horse poop", so he didn't clean stalls. This is one of his regular chores which he does after school. After two stalls I put away my rake, didn't want him irritated that I did his work...
Feeling as though I just can't focus and finish any one project today. Went and looked in the garage. ugh
I was thirsty so wandered into the house for a drink.

Well, it's almost noon. A drink and maybe an early lunch today. A bit of cold coffee left from this morning's fresh pot. This summer I have taken a liking to iced coffee. It's as equally refreshing as iced tea.

I crush a bunch of ice, blend in milk, add a splash of stout cold coffee.

Mmmmm mmmmm good. Today I'm thinking a splash of flavor would be good. Yes: but I have NO bananas, no berries, maybe a dash of vanilla?.........

well heck...... a splash of this, a dash of that, here a little of that and to top if off this!

Not bad!
Then I start thinking again, is this a problem? Drinking alone before noon?
Naw. Don't worry, I really don't have a problem.
Then I remembered my trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago with Mom and Dad. Mom and I would kick back, read all morning, as soon as it was noon, we would wander (high-tail it) down to the little pub, to enjoy one of their delicious tropical adult beverages. It was one of our little vacation pleasures. So I will consider this liquid lunch of mine a little vacation pleasure. I am starting the Labor Day Weekend early. Tomorrow, Jerry and I head off on another adventure.
So here's to you Mom and Dad!
Back outdoors now to be more unfocused than before.
Happy Trails..........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Felidae Felis domestica

Hhhmmmmm, not a cat; but very, very cute. The littlest (medium-size) grand daughter and I visited him/her at the Sacramento Zoo this summer.

Well..... this isn't a cat either, but I threw in this picture anyways. Any guesses? This tree reaches over our roof.

OK, I should change the title of this post. I realize that not everybody is fond of cats, but most everyone enjoys a family of deer out for a stroll in the neighborhood, so this picture is for everyone.

Not a cat.......

CATS: The original topic of this photo series.
Billy and Annie adore one another. They really aren't as fat as this picture makes them appear. It is the bad angle of the shot, really. They are actually quite svelte.

This is Tristan's cat Lucy. I call her Looney Lucy. Fits her to a 'T'.

Looney Lucy does tricks. Here she leaps from one building to another following her Mom's hand signals.

Annie likes Jerry the best, follows him everywhere, helping with chores and tasks.

Then there is Billy..... Billy, Billy, Billy.

We really prefer him to stay off the ceiling.

Billy and Molly-the-Shy-one.

Billy, bird watching.

I've noticed that Billy just can't seem to keep his feet on the ground, unless he is eating or sleeping, he reminds me of an eleven year old boy.

Side note:
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