Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End of July

The last pictures I shared, (two whole months ago) were proof that we do have green grass here in golden California, but not during the summer. The following pictures illustrate our golden time of the year. Go ahead and laugh, just remember to check back in with me in December when you are thigh high in Midwest snow and I am mowing green grass.

We are continuing to enjoy the company of four grand kids. For two days now, we have been able to get out and enjoy the horses early in the mornings while it is still relatively cool.
For quite some time now, we have suffered over 100 degree temperatures. When not down in the river, the kids stay in during the day and go out to burn off energy in the evening. I now have some time off work, so have been playing with these three rascals, trying to give Amy a break. The fourth granddaughter is in her late teens and not much into riding horses. Playing is hard work, they wear me out.
This granddaughter's wish for her visit was to be able to ride a mule. She thinks they are so cute! She was thrilled to get her wish and ride Pistol. But I tell you, he is like driving a big heavy tank, he can't help it, it's just the way he is. She was excited to get to experience Pistol, but confided to me, after about half an hour, that she would maybe stick to riding horses.
Warming up in the round pen. This was the little one's first ride on my mare. The older granddaughter has been riding old Remington since the end of June and they are good buds. Tristan rides them all but he is on his favorite, Cheyenne. The kids were having a blast and kicking up quite the dust storm.

I am not really sure why that 11 year old boy is pulling the mare's ear... maybe he is giving her an ear massage? He does pet the mule's ears quite a bit.

More of Tristan and Cheyenne.

The other eleven year old, a granddaughter, doesn't pull horse ears.

This tiny little gal loves to ride and is quite the horsewoman. She doesn't like to be called little though, she told me today that she is medium, not little.
Noon saw us hot, dusty and hungry. After unsaddling horses and tossing them some hay, we went in for lunch. I thought a trip to the theater to watch a movie would be a fun treat. We saw G-Force, cute and the kids liked it. I haven't been to a movie for so long I didn't realize the matinee now costs what regular price was just a short time ago. Well, maybe a few years ago.
This evening, after dinner, we were invaded by aircraft. Small planes and helicopters passed repeatedly overhead for a few hours. Jerry turned on his scanner and heard that a wild fire was being battled a few miles down the canyon from us, along the American River. Lovely. I had our escape plans all thought out and ready to be put in action. The kids were given their evacuation orders, just in case, but they were more interested in the few but large particles of ash and burnt grasses drifting down on us. The aircraft have gone, the fire must be out. Ah, golden California.
The children are asleep where all good grandchildren should be, outside in tents.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'll have to title a post 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation'.


Jerry rigged up an outdoor antenna device that seems to encourage my computer to stay connected to the internet for more than two minutes at a time.

It has been a 'wink and it goes by' summer.

This is a 'wink and it goes by' post.