Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Brunch Bunch

The gang's all lined up for brunch out under the trees.

Cort's just checking that everything is in order, it's his job. Every happy Queensland has a job.

Horses shuffle around as they eat, Wrangler wanders around paying a visit to everyone.

Pistol and old Remington seem to enjoy one another's company.

These two, Cheyenne and Rock, are together when they aren't bossing around the rest of the herd.

The lovely ladies, Millie and Willow are sharing the same pile of hay.

Check out the body language. Can you see Willow clearly indicating that Millie is most unwelcome "in her space"?

Millie moves off a bit and her expression asks, "is this far enough away?"

I'm not sure what Cheyenne is trying to tell me here.....
Happy Autumn Trails!

Friday, October 29, 2010

From the "Hood"

Just because they're cute.

And, they aren't in my yard.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Autumn Garden

Cooler weather, welcome rains and shorter days; my gardens are changing with the seasons. I was gifted with this little garden pixie from my Mom several years ago and she keeps a steady watch over all things growing in her realm.

Every year I am truly surprised at the early emergence of daffodil sprouts. A Midwesterner for most of my life, I don't expect them to show until spring. I keep an eye open for a lucky 4-leaf clover!

Here grows a pretty little unidentified bush that is bearing tiny, tight blossoms. Finally, this year we have protected it from the ravishing lips of hungry deer.


Geranuims, I love red the best. Lavender and pink from last year are blooming also; I need to dead-head today.

Fern and Mums. The fern is thriving in this cooler, moist weather.

This fella became a resident in June, a birthday gift. I unwrapped the package he was housed in, removed him, and wondered if a mistake was made.... 'umm, he is adorable, how cool to get an Elf in the summer.....' Okay then, he is not a Christmas Elf, he is a Garden Gnome, but I think he secretly heads North in the winter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

100 % Chance

of precipitation this past weekend....
It came down for about 30 hours, with heavy gusts of wind and an unofficial total of 8 inches of rain.

My Pink Ladies are almost ready to harvest.
I'm looking forward to green grass and cool nights.
But not so much the mud.....
Happy Trails!