Thursday, June 24, 2010


She was found abandoned in Sacramento, I don't know her story.

We met her two weeks ago.

Our adoption application and home inspection (yes, really) was approved.

She moved in on Monday.

The 'foster mom' called her grey mare. I have named her 'Willow'.

Willow's first four legged friend here was Cort. He welcomed her by grazing right along with her.

She is very sweet and mellow.
Yesterday she shared a pasture with Remington and they got along just fine. Today I gave her a bath, pulled and braided her mane and fussed over her a bunch.
Yes, I know we already have a full herd, but no one else wanted her and I liked her enough that I didn't want to see her go to the "already too full" horse rescue center. I like her even more now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's go to the Zoo!

I like animals; I work with them, I live with them, and I go visit animals on summer vacation days. I had the day off yesterday and asked Tristan if there was anything he'd like to do together, he chose the Zoo. So come along with us to the Sacramento Zoo. It's a sunny day and the temps are in the high 80s.

The reptile house is always a favorite. We kept our eyes on this fella for quite a while. No blinking, no noticeable signs of respiration, no movement at all.

Look at those cute tiny nostrils and bitty toes.

Pretty in pink.

I like these stripes, and horns, and what a lovely eye.

Something up there is bringing a smile to Tristan's face.

A chimp! And Tristan was bringing a smile to his face. (Or maybe he was chewing on his lunch.)

I love Lemurs.

Did Tristan grow green peacock feathers?

She looks deep in thought.

.......wondering "does this pattern make my bottom look big?"

Momma and her March baby. aaahhhhh

Snow leopard napping.
I hope you enjoyed our little field trip. So, does anyone know what kind of animal is in picture #4? Just wondering if you know. There's no prize if you guess, but give it a try. Hint, not a native animal of North America.
I'll post again tomorrow, I have a surprise to share.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bodie, A Ghost Town

Bodie, California: a spontaneous detour on our way home from Bishop. Wandering a dusty path, surrounded by fragments of long forgotten dreams, rusty remains of stories untold, mysteries of abandoned hopes; kneeling in dirt while caressing the smooth, weather-worn slats of tired, aged carriages; peering though the warped panes of curtained windows; I felt drawn to and connected to this lonely place. A few short hours was not enough time.

A small peek at Mono Lake and the snow covered eastern slope of the Sierra.

Once a booming mining town, a small percentage of the town remains as a State Park, allowing a priceless glimpse of our western history.

A family's transportation? Freight hauler? Supply wagon? Where did it come from? Who pulled it? A fancy team of horses? Sturdy mules? Oxen? How old are you and where were you created?

I wish to age as beautifully as wood.

Peaceful and lonely at the same time.

1800 s Fire House Wall.

Graced by nature's garden.


Where'd they all go?

Past and Present.

At rest.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mule Days

We erected our teepee in a cow pasture surrounded by mountains, motor homes and campers. It was a big party of folks who like mules, horses, camping or just getting away. I am going to print my photos and make a big poster to show Millie and Pistol so they can see what kinds of things they should be doing with their lazy mule lifes. Enjoy!