Thursday, December 10, 2009


I enjoyed a 'wild' weekend in Vegas; watching the National Finals Rodeo, shopping, people watching, watching my sister thoroughly enjoy the country music bands. But I kept an ear tuned to the winter storm warnings back home in California. After a long but uneventful flight home Sunday night, we were met by rain at the airport, heavier rain as we reached the foothills, rain and snow mixed as we climbed towards home.... and this....

Snow greets us at our gate. Not too bad, I suppose. The house is toasty warm and we crawl between flannel sheets and fall fast asleep. I plan to rise in a few hours and head south to work.
We are jolted from our slumber sometime early morning by a crack of thunder. I think how weird that the blizzard has changed to a thunder storm. Then back to sleep. Jerry wakes me saying he can't find the alarm clock. The clock isn't missing, the power is out. Both now fully awake, we realize the earlier boom wasn't thunder.... dressing quickly we grab flashlights and head out the door. Amazed to be greeted by a dazzling white landscape littered with downed branches and trees, sagging power lines and trees heavy with packs of snow performing the most incredible gymnastics.

The realtor assured me that it snowed very seldom at this location. hhmmph

Amy and Jerry hung pine boughs and bows on the fence posts last week. The fresh snow is a nice touch.

Billie explores.

This is supposed to stand straight up.

Tristan was one of the happy ones.

Power lines and trees and snow.

A candy cane wanna-be.

Jerry and Tristan being good neighbors.

More happiness.

This is the thunder maker... just missed taking out our new fence. At 6:00 a.m. we were clearing it from the road. Jerry chain sawed, I supervised and offered suggestions.

These smaller oaks did smash the back fence.

Annie has the right idea.

Four days later, the electric is back on, just in time for my return home tomorrow. I hope the snow is all melted by tomorrow too.