Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Critters: Domestic and Wild

I hope that the 'cuteness' of the following picture makes up for the 'grossness' of yesterday's pictures.

I brought the two kittens home tonight. The orange and white is "Billy (the kid)" and the calico is "Annie (Oakley)". This picture was the last one with their litter mates. They are settling in well here at home. Billy is an adventurer and quite cuddly. Annie is more shy and skittish. Cort met them briefly. I'll keep him away from the kittens until they are more confident and can put up with his excitement.

Today's main subject concerns this tree. It is an old Oak tree next to our house. It has boughs missing and some interesting knots, holes and bumps. I just love the character of this tree. With the cooler nights, we leave our bedroom door to the outside open. Cort, very clever dog that he is, can open and close the screen doors to let himself in and out. We don't mind, it saves us getting out of bed to let him in or out. Yes.... the dog sleeps in our bedroom, but he has his own bed, on the floor. Recently, nightly, the dog raises a fuss at this tree. Jerry claims to have seen a big raccoon run up the tree.

Last night, Jerry was all excited, he was listening at the tree and heard all kinds of mewing and scratching sounds in the trunk of this old tree. I am not sure what inspired him to put his ear against the trunk to listen in the first place. But hey, he does stuff like that. So of course, I had to listen too. At about 4 feet above the ground, the trunk sounded hollow and you could hear baby critters in there. We're guessing coon babies. Jerry wants to look. Hmmm, maybe not a good idea, momma coons can be cranky. But we get out the ladder.....

Jerry climbs up, I don't really like heights and that was pretty high, plus I don't wanna mess with any wild momma critter. Bats were circling him too, we have some big bats. I was worried that if a critter jumped out at him, he would slip, grab the branch and pop out that danged shoulder again. Someone around here has to worry about stuff like that.

Can you see what is down in that hollow trunk? Click on the picture to enlarge it. A big momma raccoon and 2 - 3 baby raccoons. I love that tree, what a perfect nursery. I hope the coon family moves on when they can, that they get tired of the dog harassing them, and I hope that THE EXTERMINATOR doesn't hurt those masked babies.


Courtney said...

You are nice, cuz I want them out of there. The babies are kinda cute though. Jerry made me nervous up that high.

Anonymous said...

Billy and Annie are cuties. so are the raccoons .

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh, do I ever want to come live with you!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything in tree hole. But one thing for sure. I wouldn't want those raccoons in a tree, that close to my house roof. They like to tear up roofs and get into ones house, even go down chimneys. If you remember?
I did have have a baby raccoon as a pet, for few weeks, when I was lots younger. It's mom was killed, when lunberjacks fell the tree, they were living in.
Hope they grow and move far, far away.

Take care. XO

Anonymous said...

I did see couple pair of eyes, peeking up out of hole, when I enlarged the picture. Still not good neighbors to live that close too.

Kittens are real cute. Glad Billy likes to cuddle, maybe Annie will come around, I hope.

Take care. XO

Karen Deborah said...

how cool. baby kitties are adorable. Cort is the coolest dog, and the baby ratcoons,well baby anything is cute but you are right about your certifiable husband.

Jenn said...

Hopefully they will decide Cort isn't a very good neighbor and move pretty soon. But, I do have to admit, they are cute. 'Coons are cute, but their masks sure tell the TRUE story about them. You're lucky you don't have chickens, yet, because they would be all over those chickens in a heartbeat! 'Coons are welcome on my property...as long as they stay away from the henhouse and out of the Dumpster!

Cute cute cute kittens! They have no idea how lucky they just got with you and Jerry as their new "mom and dad."