Monday, October 10, 2011

A Quicky in the Rain

Rainy season here again, already? Fresh snow up in the mountains, so soon? We'll be mowing grass again before you know it. Filled the wood shed with wood last week, and had to fire up the stove twice already. The horses are getting fuzzy, Carson is quickly growing back his full winter coat, and my sweatshirts are back on the lower shelf, within reach. Jerry and I are heading to the coast Wednesday for a five day horse camp/trail riding trip. After four dry months, I won't mind if we have to ride in rain. We've had some wonderful rides this summer, I've tried a few times to share photos, but..... you know the story, often in our neck of the woods the use of cell phones, internet, and television seems to be just out-of-reach..... we do have reliable indoor plumbing and electricity. With the rain, I'll be indoors more and probably attempting internet more often.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Saturday morning the two Grands and I hit the trails not far from home. It was a warm, sunny morning.

I rode Cheyenne western, little miss rode my mare English, and the boy, for some reason, decided to ride his mount, Remington, bareback.

Heading out.

Sharing an apple during a break.

The day was getting warmer, the horses were eager for a cool sip of water.

Hot, dusty trails and smiley faces.

Giving the horse a break. It sure was getting hot!

The American River, our destination. Can you see all the rafters down there?

Riding along the 'Down and Up Trail'.

The horses are tied to the hitching posts, our lunches eaten, time to cool off.

The river is wide and swift, this is a calm protected little area, perfect for wading. But of course, balancing on the rocks is much more inviting.

We spent an hour cooling off and watching the rafters come through the rapids. The kids had fun exchanging hellos with all the friendly folks out enjoying the river. They liked when people called out 'ooohhh, pretty horses'!

The ride back was hot and tiring. We didn't realize that it had reached 100 degrees! We gave the horses nice cool baths and treats when we got home. I think that it was a wonderful way to spend the day with two very special young people!

Friday, July 29, 2011

How Dry is it in California?

Dust Bowl dry. Just ask the Grankids......

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Hot is it in California?

It's well past midnight and here I sit in my hotel room unable to sleep. A long day working locally, then a long, slow, torturous drive through heavy traffic and highway construction for over four hours to my next 'job site'. I'm tired, but too wound up; probably caffeine induced. I took a benedryl 1/2 hour ago, it should kick in soon.

I have been messing around on my laptop and remembered I used to blog, and I used to enjoy it. For some reason I had just stopped; kind of like every time I start a journal, or a diet, or an exercise program.

So while I'm waiting for the old diphenhydramine to take me away, I'll talk weather.

We enjoyed a wet, cool winter and spring. Carson loves that cool weather. He sports that heavy, luxurious fur coat with pride, ignoring the occasional 'fat dog' comments.

Early summer was amazingly cool also. Nice green grass and cool earth, refreshing to roll around in. While the rest of the U.S. was unusually hot, we were loving our unusual not-so-hot summer days. But alas, the heat is here with us now, as we knew it would be, as it should be. It has been in the 90's

I finally had to put away every one's winter coats......


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anna's Hummingbird -these little jewels are quite demanding and have no fear.
Help me out..

Northern Flicker

- I haven't noticed these before, are visiting in small flocks.

Purple Finch

-very shy and on alert at all times.

Dark-eyed Junco

-stop by in groups for a quick snack and scatter away just as quickly.

Spotted Towhee

- new acquaintances.

White-breasted Nuthatch

-entertaining busy little clowns.

American Gold Finch (male)

-definite hierarchy in the ranks. Real beauties.

Acorn Woodpecker

- despised destroyers of property.

My new little hobby. I've enjoyed my bird books for years but made no real effort to identify the visitors that I was unfamiliar with. Tristan's wild flower identification project last year motivated my wild bird identification hobby. Having a camera that can take a picture clear across the yard sure helps. Having dogs and cats that want in on everything I do outdoors doesn't help so much. I shoot 20+ crummy pictures for one or two clear ones and then start searching through the books. All of these photos were taken from in the house, and all taken late winter-early spring 2011. I hope that with more practice I'll improve the quality. Feel free to correct any mis-identifications.

Have you started any new hobbies that you are enjoying? Please share.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two weeks of rain...

...two weeks of being cooped up indoors, resulted in multiple pathetic cases of cabin fever at my house last week. We had to get out. A break in the rain, a suggestion to go walking, leading to an afternoon of fun in our very own Nature's Water Park. Ours as in 'all of us', much of this canyon is BLM land. A short, five minute stroll from our front gate. This canyon is steep and the two-track muddy slick, a slippery slidery trip down to the bottom. The sound of the wind howling through the tops of the pines and the roar of the rushing creek energizes the soul.

Feeling the freedom of running with the wind, leaping, racing the water. Cort does too....

In a few short months these rapids will dry to a trickle and the hot sun will suck away the green.

Rubber boots, a boy, and water...

Rubber boots, a man, and his two dogs..... (just in case you were wondering)

Playing. One measuring the depth and checking the current. The other considering the construction of a foot bridge using downed timber, he even mentioned going home for a mule and ropes.

Leaping for pleasure, cuz he can.

Leaping up hill, over dangerously rushing waters, to bravely save me from the attack of an aggressive, starving cougar. The mountain lion sprints away at the charge of the courageous canine, leaving me unharmed. Once again my heroic companion saves the day..... and that's my story.

End of the trail. The canyon gets steeper, the creek rapids swifter, the rock bottom rockier. I let Carson decide if we continue onward, he decides not, his paws are as far in the water as he's going to get.
We back-track, play in mud and water, search for gold, discover four varieties of tiny wild flowers, make plans to hike over to a different creek. When the sprinkles come, we climb out of the canyon and make it home before the down pour.

I enjoyed my wet and muddy trails. Enjoy yours!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McCall, Idaho

We made a quick trip up to Idaho last week to spend time with Jerry's sons and family. One had come home on leave from military service in Iraq. We all met up in McCall and stayed in this neat 'cabin'. The snow was white, fresh and deep. One grandson was able to skip school and be there to spend time with his military Daddy.

The view from the cabin windows.

The cabin windows with the 'view'.

The grandson asked me to bury him and take pictures. We had so much fun playing in the snow.

We spent an entire day in the woods in the mountains riding snowmobiles. Fabulous.

Jerry enjoyed playing with his boys and their toys.

Fresh snow had fallen the night before, we were the only tracks out there. The trails were freshly groomed and smooth.

Love those trees.

Snow was falling wet and heavy on our trip back in. We could have used mini-windshield wipers on our goggles.

It was a great visit but the time went by much too quickly.
Back to California and our green grass, flowers and more rain. Flash flood warnings are being issued.
Happy Trails.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Deep Steeps, Wicked Lines.......

Still more Jackson Hole, Wyoming pictures to share.....

I am not an advanced skier and I wanted to go to the top of the mountain, without having to ski back down on very scary black diamond runs. So, we rode the tram to the top, had breakfast, looked around, were awed by the scenery, then rode the tram back down. I know, very wimpy....

Corbet's Cabin, at the top, provides a warm place to sit and enjoy a hot cocoa with wonderful breakfast waffles.

The tram leaves Teton Village, elevation 6311 feet and runs up the mountain to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain, elevation 10,450 feet.

Each trip up the mountain, the tram is packed with about 100 people and their gear. Skiers, snow boarders and a even few sight-seers planning to get back down the mountain via tram (us).

View from the summit. The day we were here, was the only blue sky day all week.

Steep and deep.

Does that look vertical? It is. Are those ski and board tracks? They are. Deep, steep, wicked...

This photo was taken from the tram.

Did we go down there? hahahahaha hardly........

Are they getting ready to fling themselves down there? yep.......

Does that look cold? It was. Did I walk out to the end of that crazy overhanging deck? No. I have an issue with heights.

We left the summit on the tram, returned to the village, put on our skis and spent the afternoon on the less steep part of the resort.
It was wonderful!