Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Summer's End

Sunday, the final day of summer.
Between work, family and home; my days are no longer my own.
I declared that Sunday should be a day in the mountains fishing. No chores-No work.
We headed over the Sierra via Carson's Pass and into Hope Valley.

The highest elevations produce these trees. I need to recall the name.

Our destination, a trout filled stream.

First attempts at fly fishing.

Climbing down to the creek to unsnag his line.

NOT his waders.....

A consultation...... where are the fish?

A view of Hope Valley. The weather was crisp and breezy.

I fished, watched clouds blow over the mountains, took pictures, and breathed deeply.

The trees aren't changing color yet. Brilliant patches of yellow aspens dot these hills in autumn.

"On the Rocks."

Cheese & crackers, a bottle of wine, NO corkscrew!

Jerry and Amy picnicking.

A parting shot as we hike out to head home.

In a couple of days, Jerry and I head to Colorado for a pack trip into the mountains. It may be warm, it may rain, it may snow, it will most certainly be an adventure.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around the Log Cabin

I'm glad to be home. Working out of town tires me, I don't sleep well. For two weeks I worked at a hospital too far to commute daily, I came home for the weekend only. Now I am home and it feels good. I am working at a clinic an hour away this week. Distance-wise it's not too far, just some of these mountain roads require slower, more cautious driving.

Just a few notes on our recent daily lives;
Tristan catches the school bus down the street, about a 5 minute walk. Last week a mother and daughter walking to the same bus stop, experienced a mountain lion crossing the road just in front of them.
Tristan will be playing in band, his first time playing an instrument, he has chosen the trombone... ( I took accordion lessons for a short time)
We finished my small riding arena yesterday.
The kittens are cats now. Not so tiny anymore.
We finished the permanent fence around the 'lower' horse pasture.

Several trees here on the property bloomed, beautiful Crape Myrtle Trees.

These funny stalks popped up overnight.

There were several in a few of the flower beds. Not sure what they were.

Resurrection Lilies! I love them. They have faded now. What do I do with them? Dead head the flowers? Cut the stalk off at the ground? Can I safely transplant the bulbs? I'd like them grouped together, or shall I leave them be? I need a garden buddy to help me out here!

And today I gathered these lovelies from my garden. Our bounty has not been abundant but I am thrilled with every tiny cherry tomato that ripens. We had potatoes, green beans and Egg Plant Parmesan for supper. yum

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Memories

The days are shorter, the nights are cooler, vacation is over and I miss the kids.
We have six grandchildren to share between the two of us and we were extremely blessed to have five of them visit us in California this summer. Our summer was filled with laughter, joy and excitement over new adventures. I miss the kids.
Ocean waves, mountain camp outs, fishing, horseback riding, learning 'the cowboy way' from Grandpa Jerry, sleeping out, panning for gold, and wearing out Nana! I treasure the memories....
Each one of you is such a pleasure and a treasure and I am so thankful to have you as my Grandchild. I miss you and love you.