Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1 and finally rain, we were getting worried here in California. We have had a few days of scattered rain showers this winter but far below normal. This week has been wet, grey and cool... hurray. Both Jerry and I have been fighting colds or a mild flu, just enough to take away our normal 'pep' and 'perkiness'. I spent most of my day doing paper work in the office. Then we noticed the birds, lots of them, visiting our feeders and yard in large numbers. Looking back at my bird journal and pictures they are our regulars that show up in larger numbers in Feb - March. Others are the daily visitors but there seemed to be much more than usual. Maybe a few of them headed down hill to avoid some of that snow falling in the Sierra. I enjoyed my break bird watching.

I haven't seen this particular bird before, he's the only one I've noted with the white patch around his eyes. The others have solid black heads. Large flocks fed here today. They cleaned up the spilt seed below the bird feeders.

Nuthatch, a regular here.

I cheated here, this Stellar Jay photo is from a few weeks ago. My picture today was too blurry to share. They are such pretty birds, but hard to capture photos of because they usually fly away as soon as they spot me.

Northern Flicker. I only see them in the winter/spring.

Anna's Hummingbird. I put up more feeders and we have more hummers.

Lesser Finch and House Finch. Males.

Acorn Woodpecker, our home wrecker.

Lovely, lovely Mourning Dove.

If you don't care for bird pictures sorry, I know I shared most of these birds last year. I also enjoy wild life photography and have taken a few (very few) nice ones. Maybe I'll find some and share them.

Happy Trails.