Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just stuff......

A new shift of Grandkids started last night. Two new ones here for two weeks. Their Mom, my eldest, flies here at the end of the week.

I still haven't posted the fun pictures taken when the first set of kids were here.

We, somehow, ended up with a new horse on Saturday. I have interesting pictures of him, that I'll love sharing with you. He also needs a new name, we need help with that......

A few days ago, I went for a haircut. It is so hot and my hair is so thick, it just had to go. The truth is, I just got the worst hair cut that I have ever had in my entire life. (Not including all of the times, right before school pictures, when my Mom would cut my bangs and they always ended up too short and really crooked.)

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary a few days ago. I guess the honeymoon is over.

We work at work, we work at home, and we always seem to have a house full of friends and visitors.

I'd love to share some pictures, but this gal is, as usual lately, tired. We got home from the airport and got everyone settled in, and finally went to bed at 3 a.m.

I need sleep.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Citizen's Arrest

The County Sheriff just left after interviewing Tristan and I. I did not know that a person could actually make a citizen's arrest. I could have made one tonight, but decided against it

After dinner this evening, Tristan, Cort and I walked down to the mail box together. We live on a narrow rural road, on a curved circle getting very little traffic. The mail boxes are grouped together on the curve just past our property and out of view of our house.

As we were heading back to our place, a car came speeding around the curve towards us, not slowing down at all as they passed us; I called out, 'hey slow down some'. Passing us and the mailboxes, the driver slammed on the brakes, slid the car in a 'donut' on the gravel and came barreling towards us at excessive speed, grabbing Cort by the collar and shoving Tristan, we had to dive towards the ditch. They dove-tailed around the curve and sped away from us.

Just as we were talking about how crazy they were, I heard the car speeding towards us again, same scenario but faster and closer to us, 3 young people laughing at us and deliberately threatening us. They repeated this a total of three spins, 6 passes by us at dangerous speeds and way too close. I was frightened and felt totally vulnerable.

The final run by, I told Tristan that we needed to try to read and remember the license number on the car. This time the car stopped next to us and we saw three freakish looking 'kids' laughing at us, taunting. Keeping calmer than I felt because I couldn't 'read' their intentions, I walked closer to the car and asked if they happened to be lost, the questioned surprised them. I was stepping back towards the rear of the car while talking to the driver, as the girl passengers kept laughing, I asked why he would drive that way with kids and animals on the road and he answered that they 'were out to have a little fun'. I was then able to read the license number out loud to Tristan, the driver cussed and gunned out and away even faster than before.

The number was simple to recall, it was my given name initials followed by 3 easy to remember numbers. We hoofed it home, wrote down descriptions we could remember and then I had Jerry call the sheriff, I was still very upset.

We went out and brushed horses and shoveled manure (a great stress reliever) until the sheriff showed up. They had used the number to track the car owner's house, the partner was still there questioning the driver. He is 17, was driving his parent's car and lives a short distance from here. The officer said that the parents were absolutely LIVID, and the kid was admitting to speeding other times too. They had no idea he was going out on joy rides. He had admitted to what I had originally reported to dispatch, but tried to make it sound better, like, they had just turned around to come back to ask me what I had called out to them. I asked the sheriff if he wanted to go down to the corner to see all the spin out tracks, he declined. :-)

He asked if I wanted to make a Citizen's Arrest, he had all the paper work and they could take the kid to jail and he'd go to 'jouvie'. I asked a lot of questions, it sounded like the kid's parents were going to definitely handle the problem, the kid was scared, and the kid wasn't lying about being involved. He had no previous complaints or record (yes I asked all this stuff). So I decided not to press charges, and I promised I would call first time we saw the kid driving on this road again.

Jerry, being Jerry, told the Sheriff that if someone had charged him with a car that way, he'd have stood in the middle of the road with his rifle and shot him. The Officer answer, "No kidding, me too!" I am standing there thinking, OK fellas, how many of us walk to the mailbox carrying rifles?

It disturbs me to continue to feel this shaken. I pray that those young adults realize how dangerous and foolish their 'having a good time' was. I hope that the parents of all involved, do some good, effective 'parenting' tonight.


There is a good reason (or two) that I have neglected my blogging.

First of all, having three grand kids about was thoroughly enjoyable while also being utterly exhausting. I would be drop dead tired, ready to drag my poor ol' body to the mattress and cool sheets, while the grands were still running circles around the house, sliding on socked feet across the wooden floor, scooting themselves across the floor on their pillows, begging 'Nana' for one more chapter read from 'The Bobbsey Twins'.... So.... too tired at night for computer time. (two have left, two more will arrive in one week.)

Second, working at very busy practices usually keeps me off the computer during the day. Today is an exception, I have an hour break prior to starting surgery. (I should just retire.)

Third, our internet connection leaves MUCH to be desired. Both the cell phones and the computer connections are very fickle. Last night I had a very interesting cell phone call from a family member, we heard maybe every third or fourth word of the conversation. I do believe it was my sister, and I do believe they were having a storm..... (we should break down and just get a land line for heaven's sake)

AND FINALLY! The most important reason I have been neglecting my blog site.

I sit and watch the critters......

Billy the Kid is behind bars!

He looks like he wants me!

Maybe, he can chew through those bars to get to my lap....

But no, he is a very clever kitten, he just climbs over to escape the barrier that keeps him from his doting human mama.

And this silly little Annie Oakley is the one who needs to be behind bars!

Stayed tuned, a real post will follow soon. (please don't ask me to define "soon".)

I am fine, and our area has not burned, our air is starting to clear. I am sorry my absence caused concern!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Next Adventure

We spent the 4th at friend's homes, eating playing and swimming in very nice pools. Then we got to watch fireworks. All fell asleep in the truck on the way home except Jerry, who was driving.

In a couple of hours we are heading up in the mountains for an overnight camping and fishing adventure.

Pictures are still on the camera.

Gotta run!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Things are hopping around here. We are keeping busy and having fun. I don't know how mommies blog. I can't seem to find the time. I am ready for bed and decided to blog a quick update. I had forgotten some things about children, they make adults tired. In addition to having children here, I am having to take high doses of antihistamines to battle the allergies from our smokey air. And antihistamines make me sleepy.

I have lots of cute pictures, still in my camera.

One child follows me around, chanting," grandma? GRANDMA? g r a n d m a ??? gggrrrandma??? " you know what I mean? and said child ALWAYS asks why? The boy is adorable.

The kids get along great and converse alot. I don't think they ever stop talking. e v e r
And they run and jump and hop and skip and slide across the floor and play hard, and I am so tired, how does watching kids expend energy make me lose energy? Maybe I need to take my vitamins?

Tonight they wanted to microwave and have so'mores before they went to bed. So they did.
They said they have decided to stay here all summer........ we'll have 2 more here in 3 weeks. This really is much fun!
I hope to share pictures soon. Right now the benedryl is kicking in and I have to be to work again early in the morning.