Sunday, June 1, 2008


Since I haven't been posting very regularly and often have trouble posting comments. I'll answer a few questions here.

Thanks for all the expressed concern for Jerry's shoulder. He is feeling fine most of the time and hasn't slow down at all (such a surprise) . He has not been able to schedule an earlier appt. with his physician, so won't know when he will get an MRI scheduled.

Amy didn't get the job here in California. She continues the search. I know she will eventually get her ideal position in the ideal place for her and Tristan. But I still hope that that place is not far from here. I plot of awful awful things, such as buying Tristan a horse and telling him it's here waiting for him..........

I have decided to adopt the two kittens. Jerry saw them and also thought that I 'needed' them. I loved the idea of cowboy type names. They are being called 'Annie' (as in Oakley) and 'Billy' (the Kid). They live at a technician's home and will be ready to come home with me next week.

That's all I can think of right now. It is way past my bedtime. Good night and Happy Trails.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Congratulations on your little kitties! How fun! I love their names too! I had tried to post on that but it never went through... sometimes blogger is a big ole pain! I just felt guilty for writing that... it is free after all and so much fun... and so cool... and so wonderful because it is a way to meet wonderful people like YOU!!!

I am so excited about all you accomplished! WOW!

Karen Deborah said...

awhhh I'm glad you get to keep those little furry cowpolks. What will Cort do? My dog loves the cats when they're inside, but she can hurt them outside. I think she thinks they are nerf bawls, if they run they are in big trouble. I gotta watch her.

Why am I not surprised by Jerry? Why oh why? He is one tough cookie.
My little granddaughter has a favorite joke (she's younger than these two) you can tell Jerry and see if he get's it.
Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
Because he felt crummy.

yeah, I know. Wastin my breath.
But really, glad he's ok, or at least acting like he is.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jerry doesn't push himself to far, and knows when to stop. Tell him, you would like to have him around for very long time , so he needs to take care of himself, slow down some.

I will be getting a new kitten in about 3 weeks, they are now only 3 weeks old. Neighbor behind us, cat had kittens and they said I could have one. No idea what one I will get, I haven't even seen them, I really don't care which one they let me have.I think Kitty will get along with new kitten, maybe new kitten, be good playmate for her! I hope!!

Take care, XO "Hi Jerry, take care"

Kathy said...

Thanks coffee bean. Hmm and I thought it was just my location causing all my difficulty with commenting.
Karen D I love little kid jokes. Will share with Jerry!
Mom, I hope kitty likes the new one. You'll have to be more creative with naming, can't call it Kitty 2.