Monday, October 10, 2011

A Quicky in the Rain

Rainy season here again, already? Fresh snow up in the mountains, so soon? We'll be mowing grass again before you know it. Filled the wood shed with wood last week, and had to fire up the stove twice already. The horses are getting fuzzy, Carson is quickly growing back his full winter coat, and my sweatshirts are back on the lower shelf, within reach. Jerry and I are heading to the coast Wednesday for a five day horse camp/trail riding trip. After four dry months, I won't mind if we have to ride in rain. We've had some wonderful rides this summer, I've tried a few times to share photos, but..... you know the story, often in our neck of the woods the use of cell phones, internet, and television seems to be just out-of-reach..... we do have reliable indoor plumbing and electricity. With the rain, I'll be indoors more and probably attempting internet more often.