Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Time skipped by again. We had surprise out-of-state visitors from Wednesday until yesterday. Jerry's son, son's wife, and her dad. We had a nice visit, short but sweet.

Today was good. It was warm (80s), sunny, and very green. We had an excellent Church service this morning. Then we spent the rest of the day organizing our tack room and doing other odd and end jobs around here.

I took pictures today and had hoped to share a few but I have not been successful in getting them on this post. It sure is frustrating.

I'll try again tomorrow using a 'booster antenna device' that Jerry just bought for his laptop.

Saying good night now......


Anonymous said...

Always nice to read your notes. Glad you had some nice company, even for just couple days.

Was nice talking to you. But, not hearing about the real nice weather, you are having. While we are not. Maybe one day, real soon, we will, maybe.

Take care. xo--"Hi Jerry"

Anonymous said...

ooh! ooh! ooh! I wanna be a surprise out of town guest!!! Only... I don't think I'd ever leave!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing more pictures. (having trouble sending comments, hope this isn't going thru as many times as i'm sending it) di :)

Kathy said...

coffee bean, well we aren't far from your Dad.... come on over for a cup of coffee!

Mom, you come visit too.

Diane, I hope you enjoy the pictures.