Monday, April 28, 2008


Another weekend gone.

Daughter and grandson made it home safely very late Saturday night. They had a few delays and were glad to finally reach home. Tristan went back to school today. If you are wondering, he does very well in school and his teacher had no problem granting him permission to miss classes last week. He enjoys learning and is one of those who researches topics that interest him.

I realized after speaking to another family member yesterday, that my daughter did not send out graduation announcements. She graduated from college last week, with high honors, as an educator in Art. I am very proud of her, so is her son. She will make a superb teacher!

Congratulations Amy!

After work Saturday, I got home and went right to work with Jerry, building our lower pasture fence. Lots of good heavy labor.

Sunday I stayed in bed almost the entire day. It was a migraine day. I hate them, most people who don't suffer them, do not understand how a headache can be so disabling. Jerry happens to be one of those..... I am thankful that I get only about three yearly now.

Yesterday we somehow ended up with two extra horses here for a week or so visit. (we hope) Jerry got a call from a friend, who has a friend, who needed a place quick to keep her two horses due to a family 'situation'. Re: bad divorce. So we have two very, very fat, worried horses in stalls.

This evening we worked on the lower pasture fence again. It's coming along and should be done before the weekend. Fencing is hard work. I love hard work. Building fence is dirty work. I love getting dirty.

We also started planting our garden tonight. We planted tomato plants and green pepper plants. Next we have about 10 packets of seeds to sow. I seem to recall that tonight we kind of made an agreement to get up half an hour earlier every morning to work in our garden. I think we may be nuts. But it was good to be kneeling and digging in the soft, rich, tilled earth.

The gophers are winning: the cowboy hasn't shot any and the hound hasn't been able to catch any with all of his crazed diggings. Tonight we set gopher traps. Round plastic 'boxes', placed in their tunnels, they enter, hit a trigger and are decapitated..... hhmmmmm. Seems like drastic measures to eliminate a few little rodents. I guess they don't make the list of desirable wildlife.

Neither do skunks, Cort got 'skunked' sometime early this morning. Just a little stink.

Cort also treed a big raccoon yesterday in the yard. I missed that excitement.

The evenings have been warm enough to sleep with the back door open. The crickets are loud tonight. One of my favorite spring/summer night sounds. Sweet dreams......


Courtney said...

Sounds so nice and sorry to hear about your migraine. Congrats to your daughter too, what an accomplishment.

Karen Deborah said...

I really hope your family gets to relocate by you. Sorry that Jerry doesn't understand migraines. My Rx is a shot of demerol/phenergran in the bo hiney and a dark room, and a cool cloth for your eyes. I've never had one but my mother suffered with them horribly.

gophers, and skunks, hummm you reminded of me a pretty cute story guess that'll be my post today.
Lu can catch them and eat them. I would not even want to imagine her with a skunk. The downside to having a dog that eats wildlike is the droncit we poked down her throat this morning, along with heartwormer, & flea prevention. I wonder if all these chemicals are causing cancer in our animals. I think chemicals have a lot to do with peoples cancers. the average American eats 12 pounds a year of straight chemicals.

Anonymous said...

I understand your headaches. I lived with them for years. Not fun, and when you have 5 babies to take care of, when you can't stand light, noise, your sick to stomach. But I made it and so did 5 kids. Head aches want away few years ago, why???? I have heard it could do with your time of month!?

Living out is real nice, BUT, for all those pesty little ground animals. Hope Cort, now knows, stay away from the Black and white little critter, they stink real bad.

Have fun with all your outside work.
Take care. XO "Hi Jerry"