Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I posted last night that we had decided to get up earlier each morning to tend to our garden. And here is Day #1, cold and early, we planted carrots, radishes, lettuce, onions, and for some reason, beets. Additional planting tomorrow. It was a good way to start a day, after a cup of hot coffee of course.

Yesterday, Coffee Bean issued a challenge on her blog, righteousbuzz. I decided to play along since it has come at a time I needed a push. My belongings were in storage for a year. Once we moved into the Log House, we emptied storage and piled my boxes in our spaceous garage. The majority of my 'stuff' is unpacked and put away. But a large mess remains. Boxes of items not needed daily. Seasonal things, photos and albums, decorating stuff, and just stuff. There is plenty that needs to be done outdoors and I have just slacked off on the indoor settling in.

I went out this morning and took pictures. Humiliating.....

...an embarrassing mess

But I have taken the challenge and my goal is to have this stuff unpacked and in proper places by the end of May. *gulp* I will keep you posted on my progress.

Not that anyone really cares, but it may motivate me.

Dang, why not plan to drop 50# by the end of the year while I'm on a roll here.

OK, that's enough, three goals in one post is all I can handle. Anyone else care to play along?


Karen Deborah said...

I think it looks pretty good. It's in boxes and containers. I could go photograph the carport, but I won't. I could try and loose 60#, which is actually my goal. If I can just finish this disaster of a kitchen, I'll be happy. That Beaner is good at gettin us in trouble. Your garden looks real beeeeuuuuttiful! better get that second fence up, or ya'll be havin some real fat deer. course you could shoot the deer and have meet.

Karen Deborah said...

I cannot spell worth a stinkin flip, but typing is also a challenge! MEAT not meet.

Anonymous said...

phone died before saying bye. di:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Kathy! Thanks for playing along! I'll link back to you when I update tomorrow!

Hey, and, at least you can walk around your boxes! I'm so under the gun and having to give myself tough goals because I've got a bunch of family coming in on May 22. I can't do many things until I straighten out that storage area and find all of our tools.. UGH.

Anonymous said...

I still have lots of boxes in garage and basement. Had real good plans to have all things put away, come spring. Spring here and all still sitten where left, when we moved here, in 2005.
One day maybe, will get it done. Things I could really use, but not bad enough, to unpack, I guess.
No hurry.
You have have lots of fun unpacking. I would rather be out working in garden, which I do when weather lets me.
Take care. XO "Hi Jerry"

Courtney said...

I will cheer you on every step of the way! Good luck on your goal and good for you for setting so many at one time!

Jenn said...

You question why you planted beets? Beets are the BEST! You can pickle and can them ya know. Be all survivalist and everything. The year I grew beets I pickled every last one of them and had beets all winter long. Darn good they were, too! Beet salad, beets and pork, chopped beets in a hearty winter stew...the possibilities are endless.

I'll take the challenge. I have two rooms downstairs that need help. I just need to convince the Hubster that he doesn't REALLY need all those decade old computer components he keeps hanging on to. Boxes and boxes of them. Egads.

Anonymous said...

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