Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When his employed work day is finished, Jerry likes to relax also. No wooden swing for him; the following pictures capture Jerry's 'after-hours' relaxation.

Climb up on the roof and sweep leaves, of course.

Dark outside? No problem, the fire will provide enough light to rake up even more brush and leaves.

What better way to relax, than with a Chain Saw?

Never idle hands.

And weekends are for helping friends with their private projects. Never, never turn down an opportunity to operate the BIG machines.
Now, this wife needs to go swing a bit...... perhaps a tiny little nap.


Jenn said...

Oooh...I want to learn to drive the big toys! We are going to rent a Bobcat this summer to get some of the heavier earthmoving work done...and I'm gonna drive it! Muhahahah! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Is that going to be an indoor arena?

Anonymous said...

Jerry needs to learn how to relax!!! Jen, we borrowed a Bobcat to move Mom's rocks when they moved from S'fld. I operated it, it was Fun!

Anonymous said...

I guess Jerry is just one of those, who just can't sit still for one minute. Does he even sit and eat his meal, have cup of coffee after, or just get right up and be on go again? Guess he tires you out just watching him!

"Hi Jerry,Take it easy, relax for while"
Take care, XOs

Laura said...

Those are great pictures. And Jerry sounds like his idea of relaxing is the same as my husband's was. If he was sitting he would call himself lazy.

Courtney said...

That looks like my dad and Mike. I guess it is just some guys way of relaxing.

Kathy said...

Jenn, yes an indoor riding arena is what they are working on. When you come visit you can play with Jerry's 'new toy'.
Di, when you come visit you can play with the new toy too!
Mom, if there is stuff to be done, he has to be working on it. We do sit and enjoy our meals together and coffee too.
Laura, I would have guessed that Leonard's idea of relaxing would be the same as Jerry's. Some times he just wears me out. And our big joke was that the Dr told him and me that we could look forward to him having more energy after his cardiac surgery. All I could say was, 'Dear Lord no...'
Courtney,kind of nice isn't it?