Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kauai - Third Day

We drove along the cloudy but warm southern and western coast on our third Hawaiian day.

This site is called the Spouting Horn. It was all fenced and there were a few bus loads of tourists but it was neat to see. Although we were tourists, we like to stay away from the crowds.

Another view along the southern coast.

I saw this sign and had to have Jerry pull over so I could see just what was so dangerous.
It was straight down into the 'Kauai' Grand Canyon. Frightful! More on that in a few days.

The depth of the canyon cannot be appreciated in this photo.

More beach, heading along the western side.
No people. The beach to ourselves. Lovely.

Warm and balmy with a few sprinkles of rain.


Jenn said...

Oh, wow, that canyon looks incredible! What a view! Kayleigh looked at your pictures and kept saying "Oooh. Wow! Oooh, beautiful! When are we going to go to Hawaii?"

Karen Deborah said...

OK I am now officially jealous of your TEN STINKIN days in Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

did u have any sunshine?

Anonymous said...

yes, even the canyons are in PR.
I do miss going to PR. Maybe, one day can go to HAWAII.
Where's Jerry's shorts?

Anonymous said...

Forgot, even have the blow hole and beachs and jungle.

Courtney said...

Your pictures are amazing. I am jealous and I want to go now. I'm glad this is what you decided to share.

Anonymous said...

You are in Hawaii? YOU ARE IN HAWAII!?!?!?!

I am postively GREEN with envy and am going to wallow on the floor!

And be sure to tell us all the fabulous details even though it will cause us pain.

Kathy said...

Jenn, Kayleigh would love Kauai, I can just picture her walking the beaches and playing in the water. It was MUCH warmer than the ocean she experienced here!
DI, I *think* I remember some sunshine.
MOM, yep, it was very similar to PR, but much cleaner than I remember PR being. We remarked several times how clean and litter free the island is. OH and the signs are in English, not Spanish.
To my blog buddies; Courtney, Karen and CB, just stop with the jealousy, focus on the clouds, the rain, the bees and you will feel much better about not going. (but we loved the wind and rain and even the bees!...we're easy I guess)