Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kauai - First Day

Driving along the eastern shoreline, our first day on Kaua'i, we stopped to visit this park, an old Lighthouse and Bird Sanctuary share the grounds.

A small island past the cliff, beyond and below the lighthouse.

Steep cliffs and pounding waves, I love to listen to the roar of the ocean. The white specks in the distant trees are nesting sea birds.

Making a comeback from near extinction.
Downy, grey WEDGE-TAIL SHEARWATER chick. or 'UA 'U 'KANI
They nest in ground tunnels, and are very cute.


Jenn said...

Awesome pictures! How did you get so close to that chick? CUTE!
The shore line looks pretty amazing...I can almost hear the crashing surf just from those vivid photos.

Karen Deborah said...

AWESOME! Sounds like it was a fantastic trip. How'd you get that shot of that baby bird?

Anonymous said...

i'd like to travel and take pictures of lighthouse's someday. I'd have to put that one on my list.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures remind me of Puerto Rico, really. I to love to watch and listen to the Ocean. The Ocean has so many colors and sounds. Could spend all my time just sitting and looking at it.

Kathy said...

Mom; I told Jerry several times that you'd love the ocean and the waves!
Di; that is a cool thing to have on your list. I have some neat Mich lighthouse pictures BUT I think that this one is the best I've taken.

AND how to get baby chick pictures? Hire a local Hawaiian to lower us down the cliff on a sort of scaffold after they make us sign a release that they are not responsible if we crash to our deaths. That would be one way I guess ... but actually what I did was squat near the little tunnels and snap my digital camera using the telephoto lens.