Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Camping

I have fallen behind in my 'blogging', my letter writing, and even my phone calls to friends and family.

I have not yet gone through the Colorado pictures. I hope to do so this week. Have I mentioned our trip to Hawaii next week?

Last week, I had a day off and Tristan had a 1/2 day of school. He got home, we saddled up two horses, loaded them in the trailer and headed off to the hills. We belong to a riding club and members get together once monthly for a camping/trail riding adventure. Jerry and I were the hosts for this month's ride. The campground is very close to our home but we still hadn't explored many of the trails. I was not satisfied with the trail we had chosen for the club; mine and Tristan's mission was to find and explore new trails.

About an hour into our ride, and we are liking it. The views were lovely. Notice that Cort has been going out on trails with us too. He's a good trail dog.

The trails took us down into some valleys and canyons. This one was nicely wooded. Just a bit dusty, things are still dry here in California.

We traveled a long, well cleared trail through some very dense, dusky, Manzanita Trees.

We rode three hours of great trails and decided that they would be perfect for our club ride. Tristan and I did not start our ride at the campground, that would add another two and a half to three hours to the trail ride.

This is a view of some of our club members heading out on the trail. Jerry was Trail Boss and as usual, I rode 'drag'; the majority of my pictures are of horse and rider behinds.

This time I actually got a front view of the horses and riders. There are six different breeds represented in this picture. Any 'horse people' willing to try to identify them? Not so easy with these less than ideal photos. But go ahead and try.

Half way through our ride, after three hours of riding, we stopped in a small clearing for a lunch break. Everyone enjoyed the weather, the trails and the excellent company.



Courtney said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing your interests with us. I have noone that rides horses and I'm so fascinated by it all.

Jenn said...

I am SO jealous of your trails! So close and such views. Looks like it was a great ride!

From the photo I can see: Quarter horse, Norwegian Fjord, Appaloosa, Arabian and maybe a walker of some kind. I can't see the very last horse too clearly!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Did you say THREE HOURS???!!!! THREE???? Wow! Guess you can tell I'm not a rider. I rode once when I was ten, some boys came out of the bushes in "fun" and spooked my horse off the trail, away from the line-up, and into a creek. I hung on, rode wildly, didn't shed a tear, and NEVER GOT BACK ON A HORSE. Maybe someday I'll mosey on over to your place and you can rehabilitate me. For now I'll just smile and enjoy the vicarious entertainment from a VERY COMFY chair. : )

Types of horses? Like breeds? Hmmm . . . pretty brown? Softly spotted beauty? Gentle giant? Uh ... I'm stumped. :D

Karen Deborah said...

oh man, I hate it when my ignorance about something has to be exposed. I so do not know horses. You have a red one, um so I'm guessing. An apoloosa,a buckskin, a palimino, a horses ass? (that word is in the Bible you know)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful country to ride in.
I see Tristan has become a real cowboy. Glad he is enjoying it out there. How is his mom doing?

I wish I could get back on a horse, it use to be fun.

"Hi All, Lov ya's XO"

Kathy said...

Jenn wins! But all of the breed guesses were wonderful!
The 'walker of some kind' is actually 'kind of a Morgan', so that was correct. The large black horse is 1/2 draft and 1/2 paint.

Debbie, the horse craziness is some kind of genetic defect, I've been runaway with, bucked off, fallen on, drug by, bitten by, kicked into tomorrow, ridden until my bottom blistered.... and I am still driven to share my life with horses. Since finding and marrying a guy who shares this defect with me, we just encourage and share the odd addiction. You can visit me and watch the horses peacefully from a distance Or bite the bullet and get on one!

Mom, Tristan loves to ride and do the horse chores. Amy does too. All are fine here.

Jenn said...

It definitely is a genetic defect, and you passed it on! Don't worry, I passed it along, too. :P

Anonymous said...

My faverite horse is OP. I will allways ride them. I don't have any right now. Some one took them with her when SHE MOVED! Still have my TWO WHEELER. I bet Tristan would love the ride in Colorado. love the stories. Keep em coming.