Friday, February 1, 2008

Week One

Going between the ranch in the valley and the cabin up in the woods has made for one crazy week.

We don't have the pasture fence secure enough to bring the horses up to their new home. It has been just cold and rainy enough to slow that process. We had high hopes for a 'fence building' weekend but more big storms are predicted. I have to tend to my mare daily with antibiotics, pain meds and bandage changes. The wire cut leg is coming along as expected.... slowly.... The round trip is 3 hours, lots of time and fuel, so we are planning our days and nights carefully.

I am cleaning, scrubbing actually, and I haven't made it any further than the kitchen. Grime and grease rule, but not for long.

The builder is installing a really nice wall with a pocket door between the master bath and bedroom. How odd to have the bathroom built wide open into the bedroom. Looking good but not finished.

The painter has worked for two days, looking good, but not finished.

We brought a load of fire wood up here and the nights we stay, we sleep on a big bed we've made up on the floor, in front of the fire, of course. Cozy and warm.

My new (2006) truck wouldn't start early in the week. It drove the 200 miles home from work last week without a problem. Then just wouldn't start one morning and had to be towed to the dealer. Two days at the dealership before I get a call; the starter isn't working and the coil deal that warms the diesel fuel isn't working either. It is under warranty which is the good news, the bad news is that the parts are on back order. This is the third defect issue on this vehicle. "LEMON" is the word I am starting to assign to my dear pick-up truck. Jerry just says, "shoud'a got a Ford......"

Last night we went to Sacramento for a George Strait concert. The traffic was bad, the weather was worse, the concert was awesome! We had a really really good time. George Strait 'rocks'!

It is snowing in the Sierra again... I hope to ski next week. I am determined to dig through my storage unit until I find my ski stuff and then head up the hills. Even if my leg holds up just for the 'baby hills', so-be-it. I Need To Ski!

And now I need to sleep.


Anonymous said...

bummer on your truck. thougt it was gonna be the part jerry bought! have fun skiing, don't over do it!

Anonymous said...

first the horse, now the truck.get a mule. be careful skiing. your bunny hills are our black diamonds here. still camping awesome.DAVID

Kathy said...

Di, Don't worry, I will be taking it easy!

David, 1st my leg, then the husband, then the horse, then the truck... I need to just retire to a rocking chair......

Jenn said...

You know, you might want to check into the Lemon Laws in Calif. You may find they apply to the truck and the quicker you take action, the better. Lemon Laws, if it does indeed fall into the true lemon category, entitle you to compensation, and in some instances, a new vehicle.

Good luck on the grime! It took me over a week to de-grime our new house!