Tuesday, February 12, 2008

4 things meme

We are staying down at the ranch tonight. Had to pick up hay and tend to stuff here. Getting the log house and pasture ready to live in is taking all of our free time. Although I really don't know what free time is anymore. I am back to work this week and Jerry is busy working weekdays also. The days are just not long enough.
We watch does and fawns play in the pasture every morning, while we sit in the kitchen drinking our coffee. I hope they continue to visit once we bring the horses home.

I was tagged by Courtney and this meme sounds easy and fun.
I just keep learning all of these neat 'new' to me blogging things.
She also presented me with a cool award but someone has to explain to me what one does with the cool award.

Here goes;
4 jobs I've had

1-baby sitter
3-farm hand
4-pig research (artificial inseminator)

4 places I've been

2-Black Forest, Germany
3-Stanley, Idaho

4 movies I've watched over and over

2-Dances With Wolves
3-City Slickers
4-Wizard of Oz

4 shows I watch


4 places I'd rather be right now

1-at home in our log cabin
2-on my horse
4-ski vacation in Colorado

4 people who e-mail me regularly


4 favorite things to eat

1-chocolate/peanutbuttercup ice cream
3-Jerry's bbq ribs
4-fresh berries

4 places I've lived

1-Baumholder, Germany
2-Skiddy, Kansas
3-Manitou Springs, Colorado
4-Clinton Twp, Michigan

4 things I look forward to this new year

1-Trail Riding and camping
2-settling in our new home
3-seeing my grandkids
4-having family visitors

4 people I tag

4-and how about Jane?


Anonymous said...

Oh Gee, have to stop work at cabin and go to work work, that isn't fair. That just delays moving in time, darn.

we had four deer run across our back yard the other morning. Don't know what scared them. They were just standing and eating.

We got more snow today, but not so bitter cold now or wind. Lots of snow around here.

Courtney said...

The award, go to my blog and right click it. Click on save picture as and then you just load it in your post like you would any other picture. Hope that helps and thanks for doing the meme.

Courtney said...

I help you with your question about the award and your comment is how you thank me? Ugghhh. I want winter to be over. That's it, I'm coming to visit you until winter is over. And, I'm bringing my kids!!!