Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moving In: Day One

We brought the first load of belongings to our new home this afternoon. I brought a pick up truck loaded with firewood for the wood stove. We loaded the horse trailer with garage and yard stuff. I packed in lots of cleaning supplies. Jerry insisted we stop on the way and buy our first major purchase for the house, a washer and dryer. Months of using a laundry mat (or as the cowboy says "washer-teria") made him crave his own again as soon as possible.

The trailer is unloaded, but the wood is still in the back of the truck. We didn't get it stacked in the wood shed tonight. Jerry did get it tarped, good thing because it started pouring rain just a few minutes ago. I got some cleaning done. The house is fairly 'surface' clean, the oven, stove top, frig and freezer, bathrooms, all need scrubbed. It took me hours to do the refrigerator.

We love it here. We both feel like we are camping at some lodge. The pine scent in the air, the sound of the wind in the trees, the frogs are croaking in a nearby wet area, and we are in this wonderful log house. Jerry made us a nice padded bed on the floor in the living room in front of a nice hot fire. The rain is singing on the roof top. I'll head back 'down the hill' in the morning to take care of the horses and pick up more belongings while Jerry meets with a painter and carpenter.

Several friends have offered to come up and help repair fence, we'll call on them tomorrow. Once we have the pasture ready to move the horses up, we'll move up here in the 5th wheel and 'camp' while we get the house in order.

Well, I'm off to sleep my first night in our little log cabin in the woods.


Anonymous said...

OK! WE know you moved,but where?Are you still in Cal.? Camping every day.COOL! DAVID

Jenn said...

How very exciting. I loved waking up in our new house for the first time. I just laid there, listening to the house and the world around me, letting it sink in that we were finally HOME. It's a good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had great dreams, your first night, in your very own log cabin, laying in front of fire, on your pellets. Wishing You Many Sweet Dreams, in your new place.

Courtney said...

How exciting, your first night in your new house! Here's wishing you many more!

Laura said...

I hope it was a wonderful first night. It's a lovely home. I also hope you did not buy a Maytag. But that's a story for another day.