Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching Up

Six month wedding anniversary tomorrow, seven and a half weeks since Jerry's triple by-pass surgery, and life continues to feel a bit off-track. Married life is good, very good, and we continue to adjust to this life partnership. Newly wed, new temporary 'digs', all my 'stuff' in storage, that crazy horse accident injury, and top it all off with almost losing my 'cowboy-groom' to heart disease. I just don't feel like life is back to normal yet. (What ever normal is...) I seem to have skipped Christmas and multiple loved one's birthdays: I am trying to not to be so forgetful, I am trying not to worry about those things I have no control over, I am trying to catch up on everything. It just may take a while longer.

Jerry continues to improve and is doing amazingly well. He has had two recent check-ups and received an excellent report from his cardiac surgeon. He was given the OK to drive a week ago Friday and has been driving...alot....too much....if you ask me.
The horse mugging for the camera while she hugs Jerry is my mare, Rock. She cut up her pastern Friday night on some fencing. I wasn't home yet and the cowboy doctored her up. He did a good job describing the injury so with dread I unbandaged her foot yesterday morning and it is bad, but not crippling. So we spent Saturday morning sedating, cleaning, suturing, bandaging, changing pastures and checking fences. She'll require daily bandage changes, twice daily antibiotic injections, pain meds and probably 6-8 weeks of no riding. I hate when our horses are hurt or 'off ' . Plus I'll be out of town for 4 days and Jerry will have to deal with it all. He's good at doctoring the critters, but dang, it's my job after all.

I scheduled 3 weeks at a job out of town. The same place that I was working when I received the calls about Jerry's heart attack. The deal was, I'd go down and Jerry would come along and stay down there with me, recuperating and catching up on computer work and phone calls. It lasted ONE week. The second week he was allowed to drive and insisted on staying home and going to work. Most people would eagerly accept three months off work, this man couldn't wait to get back in the loop again. Of course I worry that he is doing way too much.
The town is 3 1/2 hours south, the fog above is what I drove through to get there last Monday. The fog hung around all week. I left my truck there Friday and to avoid driving in fog, took Amtrak home for the weekend. Tomorrow morning my train leaves to head back south at 6:30 a.m. I'll be gone 4 days. I'd rather be home. I find myself worrying and feeling a kind of dread when I have messages on my cell phone. Probably some minor form of post traumatic stress that I just need to get over.

Other things have been going better than expected out here. If all goes as planned, this will be one of our new neighbors come Friday. I took this picture two weekends ago. More about that Friday....

I couldn't resist posting this picture. It is a 3# 'something' on a scale. It has to do with veterinary surgery and is quite motivational. Any guesses? Sorry this isn't a contest with prizes to award, I am just not that organized, but go ahead and guess.

I'll post about it next time (Di may want to skip that one)


Laura said...

I'm going to guess 3 pounds of fat? I am glad things are going well with you both. I keep you in my thoughts.

Courtney said...

I'm glad to read that you guys are doing so well. I am going to add you to my blog roll if you don't mind.

The rain is amazing. I hope you don't get too flooded.

Jenn said...

Good to hear you are both doing well! I imagine you are right about experiencing a bit of PTSD after all you've been through. Stress and worry are tough on the body!

Sorry to hear about Rock, poor girl. I hope she heals up well.

And I'm going to guess that's a three pound fatty tumor. Gross is what it is!

Anonymous said...

i can handle some gross pictures! My guess is also "fat". which motivates me to keep away from the goodies!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear from you.glad all is long a drive to work.mine is 20 min.and thats to long. A FRONTALABOTAME?

Kathy said...

You guys are too good! It is a lipoma, or fatty tumor. That's the motivational part Di. I divided my extra weight by 3# and then started picturing those fat globs plastered over my torso. Ugh! Fresh fruits and veggies for me.
I enjoyed all the comments. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see your husband is doing better!