Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rainy Days & Rainy Nights

We had a bit of break from the rain. Long enough to fetch a load of hay from the feed store without it getting too wet. It started raining again late morning and came down hard, but the winds are calm. Except for running a few errands and feeding critters, we spent another day indoors, I worry I may be incubating a severe, nasty case of Cabin Fever.

A river runs behind the ranch. I took this photo in September as we rode along the river bed.

This was taken yesterday from the levee, I drove back to check the river level after watching TV reports of all the flooding occurring in Sacramento. It was this dark and gloomy all day long.

This was the river today, taken 24 hours later than the above photo and from the same point on the levee.

The homes on the ranch are about 1/4 mile from the river and there are 2 levees separating us from the raging river waters. This may be important if this rain keeps dumping on us.
The snow dumping up on the ski slopes has me giddy. My leg is improving to the point I am thinking I just may be able to get some skiing in this season. Maybe.


Lynette said...

I hope you are still warm and cozy in your home. As long as you are together, let the storm rage on! I just hope the water holds back. We were expecting a foot of snow from the storm today but so far none that has accumulated. I was hoping to feel a little snowbound but no such luck. I like a good home day once in a while! I read back in your blog about Jerry....hope he's well on his way to recovery! We'll pray for him!

Anonymous said...

We actually had blue skies here in Michigan on Friday. stay dry!

Laura said...

Wow. That's a lot of water in a short period of time. I hope it lets up on the West Coast soon.

Jenn said...

We will gladly take some of your rain. A little bit at a time, though, none of this flooding thing. Our pond is still about 3 feet below normal.

Hoping your leg continues to heal so you can get at least one run in this season.