Thursday, January 3, 2008

Birthday Girl

I messed up big time, neglected paying attention to the date and then the time difference, and missed saying Happy Birthday to my 7 year old Granddaughter. She was already in bed by the time I got around to calling. I feel bad about it.
I seem to have somehow missed the entire season. Christmas, and multiple family birthdays in December and now January. No Christmas cards or gifts, no birthday cards or gifts.... I need to get my act back together.
Spending last Christmas and the New Year was wonderful in the Midwest with my grand kids and daughters and the rest of the extended tribe.
I was looking through last year's pictures and was reminded of how much fun we had and how funny the kids are.

Six-year-old Princess of the day (2007)

Present opening is very serious work. Grandson-not so serious work.

And then this one..... is there a message being sent here?

I hope the seventh birthday was a fun one. I am sorry I missed it.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, you too? We forgot our grandson's birthday. We remembered it all month, everytime I saw him I asked him what he wanted and then when the day came we forgot. He still hasn't decided what he wants but today is the deadline as I'm going shopping!

The pictures were hysterical. The birthday girl so stoic and the grandson so...not. Too cute.

Jenn said...

I told her this morning that you called after she was in bed...and she said "Awww...that's so sweet!"

She is looking forward to a call from you this afternoon. We'll be out and about (promised to take her roller skating), so call the cell phone. :P

LOVE the last pic..that is so HER! ROFL!