Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We reached a detour on our trail, not a major road-block, just a detour. Jerry had a heart attack Monday midnight, while I was out of town. My phone was turned off so I did not get his messages until Tuesday morning. That was a long 4 hour drive back home! He drove himself to the hospital. They stabilized him and then he was transported to a hospital here in the San Fransisco area last night. I followed the ambulance, kind of. They could use the express lane, I couldn't. It took me four hours to get here. I slept in a chair by his bed all night. He looks bright, alert, and chipper this morning. Two of his sons are flying in today, one from Virginia, one from Idaho. I am sure glad they will be here. Tomorrow they have scheduled his by-pass surgery. He has an excellent attitude and just wants to get on with it. His sense of humor is intact and in full gear. I, on the other hand, am worried sick. I came out to my truck to change and brush my teeth and deodorize and catch up on emails. Now I have to go find some food. I left the room when he dove into his breakfast and I remembered I haven't eaten a thing in a day and a half.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear Jerry's feeling better today. We're thinking 'bout ya's! Diane and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Our hearts and thoughts are with the both of you. Glad Jerry in good spirts.

Tell Jerry we said, we will be with him all the way.

We are with you also, 'please' you take care of Kathy. Glad you will have his son's there with you for suport.

Anonymous said...

last message, from anonymous, was from lov mom

for some reason, sign off changed and I didn't use right, moy not get this one either.
lov mom OX

Courtney said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, but it is wonderful that he is doing better. I am sending out thoughts and prayers of a speedy recovery!