Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking Up

Autumn in California brings more than wildfires, wind and rain. We were blessed with these skies today. This morning was cool and breezy, blue skies and white puffs.

This evening, before sunset, storms clouds were gathering. We rarely witness thunderstorms and lightning so it was quite exciting when the lightning show started in the distance while we were out back putting grain away.

The layers of clouds were capturing the sunset to the west of us. The clouds in the east were blackening rapidly providing an excellent background for the vivid bolts of lightning. We were counting seconds between lightning and thunder starting about 15 or so.

I left Jerry feeding the horses before the rain hit, ran to the house, grabbed my camera and ran back out to play around a bit.

I had a few minutes to capture some color before the sun was set. I need to learn to use this camera better. I know the very basics and plan to keep experimenting. Di emailed me a very nice complement and request involving a very simple photo touch-up and I had to decline due to my computer ignorance. I'll work on it Di!

I know this one is blurry, unfocused and disturbing. But it was very satisfying to catch that one lightning bolt. I deleted a whole bunch of views of blueish grey sky just moments after a bolt.
I finally figured it out, just as the rain started and we ran for cover. Plus that lightning seemed to be getting shockingly close. ;-) I quit counting the seconds at 3 or 4.

I hope your evening was as lovely.

The gymkhana went well Sunday and I hope to have some pictures for you tomorrow.


Jenn said...

Wow, I'm impressed you got the lightning! I've been trying for years to capture lightning, and I've never been able to.

Beautiful sunset photos, you are definitely gettin' some mad skillz with that camera.

I need to get a new one...the screen on mine is on the fritz, big time, and the shots are turning out very badly.

Courtney said...

Nice job with the lighning. The skies are beautiful. I am terrified of thunderstorms so you will never find a picture of lighning unless I didn't take it on my blog. You'll find me under the table. It's bad when your 3 year old knows when it starts thundering and comes over to rub your back, but it's so sweet!

Kathy said...

Thanks Jenn and Mrs Stevens!
I grew to love storms after spending yearson the Kansas plains. I'll join you under the table with earthquakes....

Anonymous said...

Like your pictures very much. We have had some beautiful sunsets, but no pictures of them. Don't get up early enough to see sunrise.

I also love to watch storms. When I use to work the 11pm to 7am shift at hospital, I use to pull up tall diaper pail and sit with window open, just to watch the lightning. Was on 4th floor. YES, I had my work done, for that time.

Kathy said...

When I mentioned Earthquakes in my earlier comment, I didn't realize I was about to experience one. I just felt my first California earthquake and didn't know it. In 1990, I felt one in Illinois. Didn't make it under a table for either one!