Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Exciting Out-of-State Visitor!

Jerry is home from Colorado. They had a wonderful time and I am glad to have him back home.

Today I was excited to have a surprise visitor from Illinois show up during my lunch break. He is quite famous and has had a book written about him, but I haven't read the book yet. I love to have visitors and there is so much in this area to show those who haven't been here before. He spent the afternoon visiting with me at the Veterinary Hospital. We spent time getting to know one another.
His name is Stanley Lambchop and is called Flat Stanley by his friends. He is a friend of my granddaughter Kayleigh. His wonderfully colorful traveling clothes were chosen by Kayleigh, isn't she fancy! He started his travels at her school and will be spending a week here in California as my guest.
I will be sure to share his travels in California with Kayleigh's classmates. Then he will head out to visit someone in a new place. I hope someone fun will host him for the next visit.

Flat Stanley was very interested in looking at RADIOGRAPHS with me. This is a view of a dog pelvis and hips. Those little white spots are pellets, the poor dog got in the way of a pellet gun sometime in the past. The pellets are not causing the dog any pain now.

Flat Stanley watched as I performed a dog surgery. He was very quiet and polite as I worked.

Flat Stanley was very thin and had spent days and days traveling to California. We took him out to dinner to the 'Back Forty' B-B-Q place. I thought that he would be very hungry, but he really didn't eat very much at all. He is very polite and a lot of fun to have around.

Thank you Kayleigh for allowing me to visit with your friend Flat Stanley. Love you, Nana


Anonymous said...

thank goodness when i visited, you didn't make me sit on your shoulder and watch a surgery. Have fun with Flat Stanley! :)

Jenn said...

OH, that's hysterical! I totally forgot they were doing that project until Amos told me she got Flat Stanley earlier this week. How fun.

I'm SO happy you showed Flat Stanley around, Kayleigh will be thrilled to see how much fun he's having with her Nana.

Anonymous said...

A nice surpise visitor, from your granddaughter. I hope he likes riding horses, a nice ride on the Mt. trails would be fun for him, even hiking along some of those real narrow paths in Mts. The scenery is out of this world. Show off beautiful CA. to your visitor.

Kathy said...

Well Di, I know your aversion to blood and guts.
Jenn, it would be much more fun showing Kayleigh around instead of Stan.
Yes, it is beautiful here Mom!
I am thinking of setting up Stanley's own blog page. Sasquatch has his own blog on MySpace or Face whatever it is.

Courtney said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. This post is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh and I hope you will stop by mine sometime, I will definately be back!