Monday, October 1, 2007

Just Blah

October 1st! Autumn just slipped right in and made itself at home. Rain again today, not much, and some grey skies. I spent the day indoors avoiding everything and suffering one of those lousy sinus headaches. I've had several now with the rains showing up early. Living down here in the central valley has aggravated some of my old allergy issues.

I am more than ready to move back up into the foothills. We have very specific ideas on what we want to buy but have not had much luck in our real estate search. To be quite honest, we really haven't devoted much of our time to the search. We scan the ads and quickly eliminate almost everything we find. We have gone out doing drive-bys a few times and that has been discouraging. And the rumors you hear are true, California real estate prices are insane.

We've discussed buying property and starting from scratch, but both agree we are too old to take on that project: We've discussed buying a place that is being divided up and converting an old barn into a house, but never got further on that one than just being an idea: We've discussed moving out of state, but I like it here ALOT, Idaho and Colorado are very tempting but then I remember the WINTER. I only like winter while I am skiing and then I like to leave it behind. I can do that here, easily. So we are dragging our feet on the moving issue, we both keep fairly busy and when we aren't working we always have something better to do than house hunt. Yes, I know one isn't just going to magically appear. And it is very nice living here on the Ranch, except for these crummy sinus headaches!

I heard from Jerry again today. He left his 'city slickers' up at the cabin while he made a trip back down with a horse and 2 mules to haul up more supplies. He says David is enjoying everything and should have some good stories to tell. We all know how much David likes his stories. It will be nice for him to have 'new' ones. *smiling* They plan to leave the cabin on Friday and enjoy the big 'cowboy doing's' in Durango. I reminded Jerry to keep a close watch on David Friday morning. He just may try to hide and be left behind there in God's Country.

Oh by the way; The picture I've posted above is not today's, it's just how I feel today -soggy-. That was taken here on the Ranch last winter after days and days of rain. I didn't live here then, the mare and I were just visiting.
Does anyone else see the similarity to Southfield in the spring?


Anonymous said...

yes, that does look like our flooded southfield pasture.
Hope you find a home and get rid of those headaches real soon. will you be able to ski as much this winter, being further away from the mountains?!?

Jenn said...

Hey! Send us some of that rain!

I always start feeling a bit down in the dumps too when the days get shorter and cooler. And I want to sleep A LOT more.

Colorado wouldn't be so bad, but I know how much you love California. House hunting is a pain in the butt, but don't think it won't fall into your lap...our place did! I highly recommend regular real estate searches on the Internet. There are A LOT more listed there than in the newspapers.

Try You'll LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Did you post one of your old pictures of our horses in Sfld pasture? Knee deep in mud and lost boots :)

I do know what you are going through, sinus headaches, had them since childhood. Not fun. Wish to go into a dark quite small room and just sleep.

We had not even been looking, when we come across this place. May luck fall into you lap also.

Yes, can hear David now, and all his stories. Glad he is having good time and I hope he is also working hard.
FEEL better soon

Kathy said...

Di, Jenn and Mom, thanks for the 'headache and need to move' understanding.
Di, I sure hope to ski a bunch.
Jenn thanks for the addy.

Anonymous said...

Headaches YUCK! Moving YUCK! Skiing YES! Floods YUCK! Jerry and the guys found me.I did go KICKING boy was it nice up there in the Mtns. Had a BLAST!