Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Annie's Great Adventure

.....and Billy plays it safe on a lower limb.


Anonymous said...

I bet if you had put a bowl of food at foot of tree Annie would have come down on her own in time.

How does Tristan like his new school? So were do they live now?

take care. xo "Hi to all"

Jenn said...

She has that "How the heck did I end up way up here?" look! Hehe! What a fun adventure for all involved.

Courtney said...

She sure is a brave one getting all the way up there now if only she could get down.

Laura said...

How cute is that? I say very.

Karen Deborah said...

I swear I could hear that cat,...and your mom is right. Nothing like a can of tuna to catch a kitty.
I'll try and get to your questions tomorrow, 12 hour shifts kick my butt.

Karen Deborah said...


Kathy said...

Thanks for the tag K.D. I will get to it 'soon'. (are there time limits to tags?)

Re: Annie; Jerry never was able to reach her, about one foot away. We did have to leave her up there wailing, until she fell out. She couldn't figure out how to do a vertical descent.
There is something called 'high-rise syndrome', the trauma injuries that kitties experience when falling from excessive heights. I wanted to avoid that and her cries for help were pitiful, thus the attempted rescue.

Anonymous said...

I hope poor Annie didn't get hurt on her fall out of tree.
Kitties sure do have a sad cry.
I bet she doesn't climb tree again!