Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just stuff......

A new shift of Grandkids started last night. Two new ones here for two weeks. Their Mom, my eldest, flies here at the end of the week.

I still haven't posted the fun pictures taken when the first set of kids were here.

We, somehow, ended up with a new horse on Saturday. I have interesting pictures of him, that I'll love sharing with you. He also needs a new name, we need help with that......

A few days ago, I went for a haircut. It is so hot and my hair is so thick, it just had to go. The truth is, I just got the worst hair cut that I have ever had in my entire life. (Not including all of the times, right before school pictures, when my Mom would cut my bangs and they always ended up too short and really crooked.)

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary a few days ago. I guess the honeymoon is over.

We work at work, we work at home, and we always seem to have a house full of friends and visitors.

I'd love to share some pictures, but this gal is, as usual lately, tired. We got home from the airport and got everyone settled in, and finally went to bed at 3 a.m.

I need sleep.


Karen Deborah said...

oh Kathy, is it really that bad? why don't you show us? side shots or the back or something. It couldn't be that bad. My mom whacked off my bangs a half inch long, geekness.
You have a cute little sticker at my place if you'd like to get it.

Courtney said...

I still want to see pictures of that hair cut though. Have fun with the latest round of grandkids.

Anonymous said...

have nice visit with the kids and tell them "Hi" for me.

plus tell everyone i said "Hi"

Get some rest-- don't ware yourself out.

hugs and kisses to all

Anonymous said...

wish it would've worked out for kev to be there too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy! I'm sorry about your haircut! The last perm I got was around 8 years ago. A gal that went to our very small church who was a hairdresser gave it to me. It was sooooooo bad that I didn't want to go to church because I was stressed about what people would say and if she'd be near... and it was just a sticky situation for me. Everyone told me it wasn't that bad and that it would loosen up (my bangs were practically curled up to the roots and it was real curly next to my scalp, straight in the middle and then frizzy curly on the ends and my hair was just below my shoulders). Of course, everyone was real sweet (it was the south afterall) but I did get a lot of, "Bless your heart!" I did feel better about it after going... that is until a couple of days letter when I got a sympathy card in the mail from one of the older ladies. You know, like one you get when someone dies. Any thought that it really wasn't that bad left completely! I still laugh about it. I think I blogged about it on my old blog. Sorry if you already knew that one.

I got a bad haircut this week too, btw. Not the worst ever but I'm not liking it. How you can go in to the same person that has cut your hair the same way the last 3 times and tell her you want the same and come out with something totally different... I'll never understand. Oy!

Enjoy your grandbabies!

Karen Deborah said...

Where are you Sleeping Beauty? It's August already, and ahhh aren't you needing a bloggy fix about now?

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Karen Deborah said...