Thursday, July 17, 2008


There is a good reason (or two) that I have neglected my blogging.

First of all, having three grand kids about was thoroughly enjoyable while also being utterly exhausting. I would be drop dead tired, ready to drag my poor ol' body to the mattress and cool sheets, while the grands were still running circles around the house, sliding on socked feet across the wooden floor, scooting themselves across the floor on their pillows, begging 'Nana' for one more chapter read from 'The Bobbsey Twins'.... So.... too tired at night for computer time. (two have left, two more will arrive in one week.)

Second, working at very busy practices usually keeps me off the computer during the day. Today is an exception, I have an hour break prior to starting surgery. (I should just retire.)

Third, our internet connection leaves MUCH to be desired. Both the cell phones and the computer connections are very fickle. Last night I had a very interesting cell phone call from a family member, we heard maybe every third or fourth word of the conversation. I do believe it was my sister, and I do believe they were having a storm..... (we should break down and just get a land line for heaven's sake)

AND FINALLY! The most important reason I have been neglecting my blog site.

I sit and watch the critters......

Billy the Kid is behind bars!

He looks like he wants me!

Maybe, he can chew through those bars to get to my lap....

But no, he is a very clever kitten, he just climbs over to escape the barrier that keeps him from his doting human mama.

And this silly little Annie Oakley is the one who needs to be behind bars!

Stayed tuned, a real post will follow soon. (please don't ask me to define "soon".)

I am fine, and our area has not burned, our air is starting to clear. I am sorry my absence caused concern!


Karen Deborah said...

So glad you are alright. some of our friends in Paradise were evacutated. It was so smokey they couldn't breathe. they have family in Santa Cruz and went down there, where it's a little LESS smokey. I figured you were busy and working, but after so long started to wonder because there is so much fire. You posted how low the reservoir is, not too good. GLAD you are ok, the kittens are fun and that is a real post. A good one. If I knew how to do this award thing I'd give you the "just plain fun to read" one but I am a techno idiot. I have to figure out how to download old pictures so I can post my grandma.

Anonymous said...

rest up for visit #2, i've a feeling "K" will really have you running! BTW, it was me on the phone last night and we were having a storm.

Anonymous said...

Glad is all well there. When you never returned my called and no blog, was really getting to worry. Your sister said you had gone on week camping, so OK.
I just today called your sister again, she said she had just called you and phone line bad, but all is well there. It was some storm we had.

Your Billy, sure is twin to our Shadow, and He is something else. He and Kitty now get along fine. But now it is Dolly, but They seem to be getting friendlier. maybe tomorrow they will be playing together. Shadow is really a little live wire.

"Hi Jerry,Amy,Tristan" Love Os Xs
to all

Courtney said...

Billy the Kid is hilarious!

Jenn said...

What a great little cat! They crack me up that they can find anything to play with! Annie looks like she saw a GHOST!