Monday, August 1, 2011


Saturday morning the two Grands and I hit the trails not far from home. It was a warm, sunny morning.

I rode Cheyenne western, little miss rode my mare English, and the boy, for some reason, decided to ride his mount, Remington, bareback.

Heading out.

Sharing an apple during a break.

The day was getting warmer, the horses were eager for a cool sip of water.

Hot, dusty trails and smiley faces.

Giving the horse a break. It sure was getting hot!

The American River, our destination. Can you see all the rafters down there?

Riding along the 'Down and Up Trail'.

The horses are tied to the hitching posts, our lunches eaten, time to cool off.

The river is wide and swift, this is a calm protected little area, perfect for wading. But of course, balancing on the rocks is much more inviting.

We spent an hour cooling off and watching the rafters come through the rapids. The kids had fun exchanging hellos with all the friendly folks out enjoying the river. They liked when people called out 'ooohhh, pretty horses'!

The ride back was hot and tiring. We didn't realize that it had reached 100 degrees! We gave the horses nice cool baths and treats when we got home. I think that it was a wonderful way to spend the day with two very special young people!


Love Ya, mom f said...

It looked like a very nice ride, and to see the river below, then have lunch there... I bet the horses even enjoyed the trip, get out of pasture and enjoy the view.. Bet rafters surprised to see horses and riders by river..
100*, Hot,hope no one got sunburn!
Was glad to find this new post..
Please tell those young ones, gt grma f. says "Hi, love them, miss them, You too" <3

Jenn said...

Oh, how fun! Looks like a fabulous ride, even if it was yucky hot.

david said...

thanks for shareing. I too like riding bareback.

di :) said...

You're back! Woo Hoo! Just thought i'd look in on your blog while i'm sitting here playing on the 'puter while the rain spoils my plans for the day :( great to see you've been on. i'll have to look back and see what i've missed. Miss you and your family <3 di :)