Monday, March 7, 2011

What's Up Today?

We've had two days of rains. Last night and pre-dawn this morning it sounded like we were in the middle of a roaring river, the rains and wind were pounding us. By late morning, the sun was peeking through the clouds and my yard wandering revealed fresh new life.

My garden gnome is steadily guarding the heart-leaved bergenias. I enjoy their thick, dark ,evergreen leaves. The pink flowers show up in the winter and stay through spring.

The resurrection lilies showing off thick green foliage will soon whither away. Then, late in summer we will be 'surprised' by the Naked Pink Ladies.

My primroses have been blooming nicely throughout the winter. Keeping it real here, you see I do need to do some dead-heading.

This little violet is the first of the season, I was so excited to see it this morning, I decided to share my flowers with you today.

These small, bright yellow daffodils are later blooming than our more abundant taller pale variety. The taller ones are finished already.

They are quite cheerful along the fence line.

I planted these from tiny bulbs two years ago. This is the very first one to bloom and I don't remember what it is. It's very tiny and delicate.

This flower and the following one, I have found randomly growing around the yard. When I find one, I dig it up and transfer it to a flower bed. Otherwise, they get chomped by horses, mules, dogs and mowers.

They are cute and colorful, bloom in the late winter/early spring and I have no idea what they are. But I like 'em!

The white lilac bush is ready to burst! While the purple lilacs are just beginning to show buds.

Sunny forsythia bushes signaling the approach of spring.

Plum blossom on our Elephant Heart Plum tree.

This little yearling tree is thick with blossoms. I am beginning to notice honey bees visiting.

It is a Santa Rosa Plum Tree. I certainly enjoy my little hobby orchard.

The largest bud on our loaded Double Delight Nectarine Tree.

This decorative plum tree is in full bloom. I'd like a few more of these.

Blue skies and white clouds, but NO oak leaves yet.
I hope that your day has been a lovely one, no matter what your weather has been.

Tomorrow, Jerry and I head off to the deep winter snows of Idaho for a few days. His son is home on leave from Iraq and we want to visit before he ships back out.

Keep our military men in your prayers please.
Happy, peaceful trails to you.


Karen Deborah said...

grape hyacinth
your former cabin dweller was a bulb lover. Peruse a Brocks catalog.

love the flowers and I could die to eat good California plums haven't eaten a good plum in the last 10 years. I always had plum trees. I like the dark purple red meat kind that are sooooooooo sweet. Saliva is now frothing from my lips....maybe I need a rabies shot.

Anonymous said...

I see someone beat me to names of plants, good...My resurrection Lillies, just showing tips of green, all the snow gone from beside house where I planted them.. I hope they grow big and flower for me..I would like fruit trees but know deer and birds would love them and I would see big O..

Will keep Jerry's son in prays and mind.. wish they would bring all out service people home.

Hope you trip good one and safe driving..

lov ya, mom f said...

wonder why my name didn't come up on my message above???

Lov Ya Mom f <3

Jenn said...

Oh, mom, how gorgeous! I"m so ready for my brown fields and beds to be transformed, I'm ready to plant and get dirt under my nails!

I've been wanting a half dozen or so yellow forsythias for years, and every spring when I see them blooming I crave them even more!

I covet your gnome. Mine is faded and needs repainted. One day, I'll have gnomes hiding all over the yard! Hee hee!

Have a safe trip to Idaho and hope your visit with Jerry's son is most excellent.

david said...

Nice Flowers Kathy. When me and the kids were out the other day, before the snow, I saw my Daffodils coming up. It's a good thing they are a strong Flower. They have to be to live in Michigan. I need to go out and take pictures.

di :) said...

thnx for the taste of spring :)

Moses said...


This is Tom Pytel from Goodrich Michigan. Glad to hear you found some happy! California looks beautiful (of course its the garden of Eden). Don't you miss those cold Michigan winter rains?

Everything here is fine. Nice pictures.