Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bodie, A Ghost Town

Bodie, California: a spontaneous detour on our way home from Bishop. Wandering a dusty path, surrounded by fragments of long forgotten dreams, rusty remains of stories untold, mysteries of abandoned hopes; kneeling in dirt while caressing the smooth, weather-worn slats of tired, aged carriages; peering though the warped panes of curtained windows; I felt drawn to and connected to this lonely place. A few short hours was not enough time.

A small peek at Mono Lake and the snow covered eastern slope of the Sierra.

Once a booming mining town, a small percentage of the town remains as a State Park, allowing a priceless glimpse of our western history.

A family's transportation? Freight hauler? Supply wagon? Where did it come from? Who pulled it? A fancy team of horses? Sturdy mules? Oxen? How old are you and where were you created?

I wish to age as beautifully as wood.

Peaceful and lonely at the same time.

1800 s Fire House Wall.

Graced by nature's garden.


Where'd they all go?

Past and Present.

At rest.


Karen Deborah said...

beautiful post just lovely.
"I wish to age as beautifully as wood." that is such a stinkin cool thing to say...

lov, mom f said...

You always could put down words to tell such a great story. and I can't even write to say what I want to say...Still think you could write a great book...I like to visit old old places also.

david said...


Jenn said...

Mom...I LOVE this post. Beautiful pictures, insightful words and thoughts.

Thank you for sharing those thoughts along with these photos! Looks like a very neat place to just spend a good amount of quality quiet time at.

di :) said...

"Grace by natures beauty" and
"Past & present" should be printed and framed and I bet they would sell in your art store. Great photography! miss ya :(

di :) said...

that previous comment should say "graced by natures garden" , sorry

Kathy said...

Thank you all very much.