Friday, January 1, 2010

The Vacation Is Over

We flew into Detroit on Christmas Eve, missing the excitement and trauma of the failed terrorist act by one day. Christmas was spent with family in the great, white, frozen North. I had a wonderful time visiting with the old and meeting the new. The trees were bare, the sky grey, snow was on the ground, and Christmas cheer evident everywhere.

There were crisp blue skies too, blowing winds and drifting snow.

The 'medium' grand-girl traveled up from Illinois with her family to join the fun. She ran and laughed and frolicked in the snow.

We reached home safely on New Year's Eve. Security was run very efficiently and quickly at the airport. Minor delays occurred with de-icing but we still made our destination on schedule.
I was glad to see all of my furry four-legged family healthy and they were excited to see us.
I was in bed early last night, no late partying on New Year's Eve for me.
Up early this morning, Jerry and I enjoyed a breakfast of French Toast and sausage. Once our chores were finished, we made a grocery list and drove into town to shop. Back home again...and the vacation is finished. My laundry is done. All of the Christmas ornaments are down.

Winter gardening. The radishes continue to grow. I love radishes.

But so does something else. More than half of the radishes that I harvested today had been chewed and chomped on by 'something'.

Do you know what this is? A gopher trap, it needs to be set in the garden.

Irises and daffodils are growing well.

His vacation is over also. Being in charge of the wood shed, wood box and stove is an every day chore, even while on winter break, even on New Year's Day.

Plenty of wood from the recent storm.

Another never-ending task, oak leaves.

I missed this face. He missed me.

Things are greening up, it did rain off and on all day today. Cort seemed content to have his "pack" back home and he kept busy supervising our outdoor activities.

This was taken November 29 th. A tall Digger Pine that Jerry chopped down to clear the area he plans to build our riding arena.

It was a large tree and it grew at quite a severe tilt, these trees uproot and break off easily. The large 'stump' directly behind the tip of the newly cut one and in front of Jerry, broke off in a wind storm the summer before last.

Today Jerry sawed and chopped and cleared the Digger Pine.

It was a burn day; we started on the vast piles of branches that litter the property. The branches are wet and green and burn slowly. I'm guessing that it will take the entire winter to get rid of everything that was dropped during the snow storm.

Jerry and Tristan working on grading the site for our arena. They worked outdoors all day long. That is a short sleeve T-shirt Tristan is wearing; it must be a boy thing.

I frown upon this kind of male behavior. That is NOT water he is tossing to 'reduce the flames'...

These broad green leafs are in several of our shaded rock gardens. I don't know what they are. Someone told me they were Skunk Cabbage, they are pretty and they don't stink so I am not calling them Skunk Cabbage. This one is blooming today.

The daffodils are starting to bloom.

I dug them up, thinned them and replanted in the fall. They are coming up like crazy. My thumb is beginning to feel green.

And look at this, the lilac bushes are budding. Seems too early. This one is a white Lilac. We did not get any flowers on it last year, it was (oops) trimmed back too late in the year.

These little purple flowers made it through the snow and the freezes and continue to flower.

Yes, the vacation is over, and we accomplished much today, but I did take time to relax and smell the flowers.
I miss all of you Michiganders! or is that Michigonians? spellcheck suggests Michiganites.... Stay warm........
Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You have flowers blooming?!!?!? That won't happen here until after Mother's Day! I'm jealous!

I just loved all the pictures. Your place looks like HEAVEN to me!

Happy New Year!!!

di :) said...

wow green and flowers! we got a tiny bit of snow today and it was cold. tomorrows high is supposed to be 18.

there is a superstition that if you wash laundry on New Years day, you wash away parts of your soul. oh no!

sorry i missed your call, i called you back and your phone is off.

have a happy new year!

lov ya mom f said...

Enjoyed your pictures. Even the ones of flowers blooming. still months away for us, darn.You guys sure did go home to lots of work, need a vacation now.

Take care.

Karen Deborah said...

What an awesome post. Everything looks awesome including the dogs! One time my male was burning and he used diesel to "get it going" we had 30 foot flames and our neighbors called the fire department. Men.

And yes, they sprayed his fire. When they drove off it started back up. We did not burn down the whole county.