Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Western Weekend

Hey, do you remember these fellas?.......... oops, wrong picture,

Do you remember these cowboys? Probably not, I never got around to blogging about our trip to Durango, Colorado last fall. It was an amazing trip, six men and one crazy woman.

It was a trip of awesome views and inspiring nature.

The men thrived on outdoor manly activities.

Not all was hard work, we took time for some exciting trail rides on those mountain horses.

The men did all of the camp cooking in rustic settings. Feel free to enlarge this photo to marvel over the kitchen set-up. This was real man country, I felt as a woman, I was being allowed to enter sacred grounds.

In the mountains, living in a log cabin and tents, riding horses, packing mules.........

The week went by much too quickly and before I knew it we were leaving the back country, headed for home, jobs, hot showers, modern kitchens, flush toilets and doors on bathrooms.....

The yearly trip to Durango, has been a tradition for about 14 years. Jerry has been gathering together groups of what I call his "city slickers" to leave the city behind and be real cowboys in the mountains of Colorado for a week in the autumn.

This year, the trip will not take place. We decided to invite last year's "city slickers" out to our place for a Western Gathering over Memorial Weekend.

Wives were invited also and it was a great bunch gathered at our cabin in the woods. Some stayed in the log cabin, some slept in tents, and a travel trailer made the trip.

I had a great weekend, but then, I slept in my house, in my own bedroom, in my own bed, and took a hot shower nightly.

I fondly remembered Colorado as I watched the men do manly men things.

Please don't ask..... yes, he IS shooting a gun out of the country kitchen, no that is NOT Jerry.

Those cowboys did ALL of the cooking for three days out in this kitchen next to our garage.

Jerry loaded up horses and mules and the boys hit the trails.

Two of the "City Slickers" got to enjoy the experience of riding mules, there were not quite enough horses to go around. For some reason it made me giggle. They were really good sports about having to ride mules. Not everyone wants to ride a mule. Just looking at this picture makes me giggle again.
A couple of our local friends joined the ride. I hiked ahead to snap a few pictures.
Then the ladies and I drove around in my truck and did a little sight seeing.

Their ride took them up along the American River, the hills are still green, a breeze was gently blowing, and it is not summer-time hot yet.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.
But by-golly, we are all going to really really miss Colorado this year.


Jenn said...

How awesome! I LOVE the first photo! ROFL! Looks like everyone had a good time, even if it wasn't Colorado. I look at all those horses on the trail (and mules!) Six of 'em! And I wonder if you've started a boarding barn and forgot to mention it. :P

Courtney said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Glad you guys could host a get together this year, even though it means no Colorado.

Karen Deborah said...

still looks like fun to me and the ride in your pickup is just about my speed. I'd take a mule, I ain't proud. You did post about the trip last year, how to find some privacy to go to the BR. yes sir reee bob you did. I thought you were brave or dumb, seeing that "man" kitchen maybe the latter. But then if you survived and didn't get raging diarrhea you must be pretty tough stuff.
You know sacred ground can be one step from burial ground.

Karen Deborah said...

ps GREAT pitchas!!!

lov ya, mom f said...

Glad to read the weekend turned out great. So not COlorado, but your part of Calif. sure is very pretty country to ride in. I am sure all the men and women appreciate you guys opening up your place for them to camp.

I bet Trestan had good time with all the goings on

Anonymous said...

How fun! As I was reading through though... I thought I'm going to ask Kathy we can drive down to Durango in the fall and meet them... and then you said you aren't coming this year. Sigh... maybe next year, eh?

Yesterday was my Dad's 63rd birthday. He lives near you so I thought maybe I'd meet you someday when we go to see him. He informed me he is divorcing his wife and moving to Reno where he works. I feel so bad for my Dad to be going through this again at 63. I don't feel very Christian like because his wife is a bleepity bleepin bleep and I'm glad he's leaving her. She has never liked my little brother and when he was in his accident last August she never went with my Dad to see him in the hospital... AND she kept sending me e-mails complaining about how much time my Dad was spending there. AFTER my Dad raised her hoochie mama daughter and put her through rehab, sent her to school and set her up in a business and has been letting her live rent free in the adorable little two bedroom house on the front of their property that he had built for his wife's mom some years back.

Thank you so much for your kind words in regard to Paco. I am so upset. Jacob is upset but he's older now and Paco has been sick so he's been somewhat prepared. I had to tell him in the parking lot of his school because he always asks me how Paco is when he gets in the car. He didn't have any reaction other than to just sit there staring. Once we got away from the school and were about to get on the highway he started crying. We met my husband at a restaurant for lunch. When we got home he looked at Paco briefly even though he said he didn't want to see him. I got him out of the cage and put him in his little fuzzy tent inside a shoe box. He didn't want to wait for his Dad to bury him. He then dug an enormous hole in our planter that had to be three feet deep and we buried him together. He's not saying much and has been shooting baskets in the driveway for a long time.

I guess I should stop this ginormous comment here before it turns into a novel.

david said...

I need to do the Colorado thing again. I need to get out of this city. I often ask myself, WHY IM I LIVING HERE? I bet everyone had a great time at your place. You were always a great host. The closest I get to riding in the fresh air is on the motorcycle. But the rain can keep that from happening. Just wondering. Who is going to set up the Elk Camp this year? Did he get to renew his lease?

di :) said...

don't recall, why isn't the Colorado trip happening this year? I like seeing your pictures they remind me of my vacation,and I also giggled at the thought of those men on the mules! :)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Simply gorgeous (except maybe the "man kitchen" thing -- wow! rustic is a good word for it).

Don't you just LOVE this time of year. So warm and alive and wonderful without the HEAT?

Gorgeous photos.

Hmmmmm . . . is a mule less scary that a horse? (Says one who trembles in the presence of horses due to an accident in youth.)

Anonymous said...

Oh My Lord. I did NOT leave that comment above, did I? Holy Cow! I'm claiming temporary insanity... duress induced written vomit... The ramblings of a crazy woman that is left alone too much.

Oy. Sorry.

Karen Deborah said...

Just to be sure you get to see this go check this out.


di :) said...

you haven't blog in over a month...busy?

Karen Deborah said...

ok KATHY your blog is gathering rust, dust cobwebs, it's JULY!!! You are an awesome blogger and your once a month has lapsed into quarterly deposits. COME BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

Tap,tap,tap... this thing on? Hello? Helloooooo? Kathy, where are you?!?!?!