Friday, August 31, 2007

Orange Crush

Last week this little kitty was found laying by the side of a street, almost lifeless. Animal Control brought her in. She had been hit by a car, the trauma had created a large hernia, allowing abdominal contents to slip where they didn't belong, between her skin layer and ribs. The plan was to allow her a few days to stabilize before attempting surgery. By Tuesday, her condition had deteriorated as more intestinal loops, and portions of liver and kidney slipped further out of the abdomen, were entrapped and were being squished. So it was surgery Tuesday or probable death. It was my surgery day, oh hurray..... This kitty was tiny, the incision was long, the hernia was deep and out of sight, with very little opposing tissue to repair it. I wish now that I had pictures of her tiny little body open to the world, her intestines all in a neat little pile outside the gaping hole in her 'tummy', while I struggled to repair her injuries.
She has been recovering well, improving each day; we finally stopped calling her 'the orange kitty' and gave her a name today. The unanimous favorite is 'Orange Crush'. (My suggestion of 'Road Kill', wasn't even in the running!)

So... here is 'Orange Crush' tonight, relaxing in my recliner, surveying the new surroundings. She is very sweet and friendly. We have been pampering her for the past 3 days at the hospital. I will be seeing her for the last time tomorrow, soooo I brought her home with me just for tonight. Gets her out of the cage for a while and gives me some warm cozy kitty cuddle time.

She was not so willing to show her naked tummy and incision. It is healing quite well and I am thrilled with her progress! Please forgive me for patting my own back, but I am just tickled she's even alive, and I really like this little 'Crush' a lot!

'Orange Crush' has been a delightful house guest. She is very generous with her hugs and purrs. She'll soon go back to Animal Control and they will make sure that she is adopted by someone perfect for her.


Jenn said...

Awww...what a cute, cute kitty! And good job on a job well done, this little kitty is why you are so good at what you love what you do.

I think I probably would have voted "Orange Crush," too.

amy said...

She has a pretty face. I'd take her. I wuv kitty cats :)

mom said...

Orange Crush gets my vote also. She is very cute,I would take her in a minute. Love to have a kitty to hold and hug, while she purrs.
YOU are one great Vet. as we all know.
No way you can keep her?

Kathy said...

aawwww, thanks Jenn!
Me too, Amy!
Mom,no room for kitty right now, I can borrow them every now and then.And thanks for the compliments.