Monday, August 27, 2007

Loon Lake

Saturday was a busy work day for me. We had plans to head up the mountains to one of my favorite places, Loon Lake, for a day of fly fishing on Sunday. After supper Sauturday, Jerry suggested heading for Loon Lake right then and spending the night. Sounded good to me! We packed my truck with food and drink, our fishing gear, bedrolls, and we were off.
In the dark, aided by an almost full moon, we found a narrow dirt road and a nice flat place to settle down for the night in our bedrolls. Up early in the morning for a tail-gate breakfast, a day full of fishing, peace, and good company!

We had a wonderful day.

Did I mention we didn't catch any fish? But we didn't care!

1 comment:

mom said...

So nice, peaceful, beautiful. This place is for me, love the pretty pictures. Who cares , catch fish or not, just enjoy the beauty, mother nature and peace. Way to go girl.