Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good Day

Today was a good day. Yes I had to work on a Saturday and it was a busy day. But I saw and worked on some interesting cases.
The temperatures were in the 100s again today, and again I was glad to spend the day in air conditioning.
There is a large 'fall gathering' here at the Ranch this weekend. One of the well known equine instructors in these parts put on a thank you day for his clients. There are lots of rigs, riders and horse&mules here, starting yesterday. Lots are 'camping' out in the field. Must be over 100 folks here! Jerry had a fun day on horse and mule-back playing with the cattle and riding obstacle courses. Did I mention I worked all day....
We are friends and live here on the ranch, so we were invited to join the 'doings'. I got home in time to chow down some catered b-b-q out by the river. A flat bed trailer was set up with a sound system and we were entertained by a blue grass/country band. Sitting on hay bales, a plate of tasty food on my lap, a country band playing, over looking the river, the sun setting, my honey by my side.... I am thinking, 'life is pretty good'.
Did I mention I worked all day? ;0) Funny; I look and feel much less tired than all of those folks who spent the day out in the sun 'playing' on horse back.
Sweet dreams......


mom said...

Gee, you had to work all day, BUT you got in on all the real great parts, B-B-Q, live entertainment, great blue grass music, in moon light by river. With your Cowboy. Not hot, dirty, sweaty and tired.
Sure sounds like great day had by lots of cowgirls and cowboys.

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the go to avoid the nastiest, ickiest, hottest part of the day, you lucky thing!

A Fall Gathering already? Seems to early, especially with this insane heat.