Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Revisiting Michigan


It sure takes longer for me to recover from trips than it used to. I thought my post-Michigan 15 hour sleep fest had me all refreshed, but the 10 hour work day yesterday was brutally exhausting. I saw the typical cases of itchy skin, a few diarrheas, and an assortment of tumors. The worst case was a small kitty that had been snake bit, not just once, but twice. One bite on her face and the other on a back leg. The owner insisted it absolutely could NOT be snake bite, but it was, and poor little kitty sure was in pain and doing poorly. We referred her down to Sacramento for evening care.

Today I'm planning to run errands and get everything ready for the weekend trip to the mountains; camping and trail riding. Somewhere I have a list of supplies that I started when I camped for a week last month.

Now I will attempt to post pictures taken in Michigan. This may take me a while... please forgive my mistakes, it may take me some time to learn.

Enjoying refreshment at the local watering hole.

Donde es mi cervesa?

The younger set learn some important life skills.

Lake St. Clair 'rocks'! Thanks Dave

I had a tough time chosing pictures to post.

There are some priceless family portraits.

WHICH do you prefer... THIS ONE?


I love this 3 generation photo BUT.........

This one is much more entertaining.

I'll close with the lovely guest of honor!



Jenn said...

Fabulous pictures! I LOVE the family ones! hehehe!!! It looks like it was a very nice trip.

Jenn said...

Oh, and I had to add...when you started talking about being exhausted from the trip and then launched into discussion about itchy skin, diarrhea and tumors...I thought you were talking about YOU!! And for a moment, I was thankful I only sleep a lot and get cranky when I'm exhausted.