Thursday, August 16, 2007

My New Stuff

OK, I 'really' did not marry my cowboy for the truck, trailer and horses, but heck; they sure are pretty, aren't they?

While Jerry is on the road today, I'll be getting everything together for a weekend in the mountains. We're going with the riding club, to an area we haven't camped or ridden before, "Wolf Creek", on the eastern side of the Sierra, south of Markleville. It is a wilderness area, no water so we have to haul in our own and drinking water for the horses. There is a 50 gallon water tank in a corner of the horse trailer. Supposedly there is a creek nearby, if it hasn't dried up yet, we can water horses there too. Also a large meadow nearby and we can hobble the horses for grazing. This is a protected area and regulations say you can only bring in certified 'weed free hay'. The idea is to keep all vegetation out except which is naturally found, good idea but I think someone forgot that bird droppings disperse all kinds of weed seeds! Shoot the birds? I'll get to the feed store today and pick up hay cubes or alfalfa pellets, since we have no local certified weed free hay.

My list of 'things to do' to get ready for horse camping will keep me busy for much of the day. It's a good time to get started, temps are in the 60s, skies are clear blue and there is a nice hint of the 'delta breeze'.


Jenn said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! What a nice rig, horses and all. Have a fabulous trip...and have fun exploring the new campground! It sounds absolutely divine.

Jenn said...

Oh, your post verification word cracked me up! "cjbugsex" ROFL! I think that's the funniest one I've gotten yet!

amy said...

Weed free hay... How the heck do they check that? Have a botanist go through each individual piece?
I think what they really meant was "Hay! Free weed!"

diane said...

amy ,i need your blog address...i love your comments on jens and this site, i'm sure reading your blog would be "funny?" Kath, have a great weekend! di :)

amy said...

Hi Aunt Diane! My blog isn't much at the moment, I don't do many things worth talking about, and it will never be as good as Jenn's. Her kids are more bizarre...ummm, I mean entertaining...than mine is. I'm working on it though. Maybe having to write blog entries will inspire me to go do things worth blogging about :)
The address is:

mom said...

Hi; I just got Di to show me how to send these comments. I tried twice and no go. old brain, just doesn't want to learn new things about computers. I have enjoyed reading Jenn's blogs for long time and never thought to send comments.
i love to know what is going on with my grandkids,now you and Amy.
miss you. lov ya