Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wolf Creek, California

I took over 150 pictures this past weekend. I hope I haven't posted too many. The joys of digital photography! This first one is a shot of the 'golden' foothills, along the western slope of the Sierras.

Along Carson Pass, crossing from the west to the east, there are a cluster of brilliant lakes. I think this was Caples Lake.

Setting up our camp in the woods bordering a grassy valley meadow. Jerry takes great pride in his camp cook skills. Our friend Gene looks on.

The meadow; cattle spend summers here, fattening on the lush green grass. We had to drive over the Carson Pass, South along the base of the eastern slope for an hour, and finally quite a distance up and deep into the eastern side of the Sierras to reach this uninhabited area.

Viewing the meadow as our horses climb higher along the trail into the mountain wilderness.

Higher still! We are just starting on our Saturday ride. On the lower right you can see "Rock's" ear and the narrow trail.

The trail climbed to a summit and followed it for several miles. Looks like Jerry was trying to point something out down in the canyon.

Granite surfaces are common in the mountains. These were fairly steep and slick on our trail Sunday morning. We were all a bit more cautious today as one horse in our party had fallen Saturday and was wedged in a tight crevasse. The rider was a bit bruised, the horse OK, after Jerry and I used lariats to roll her over so she could get back to her feet. Sorry no pictures of that!

Another breath-taking view as we reach another little meadow after climbing trails for over an hour. Jerry, Sharon, Julie, Larry and Gene.

A not-so-clear picture of riding in the mountain forest. The trails were dusty, especially for the photographer riding 'drag'.

You probably can't appreciate how high we are above Wolf Creek along this narrow rocky trail. There were trout in this river. Larry caught quite a few Saturday night. Wouldn't you know, I neglected to pack my fishing gear this trip!

Rugged beauty! The eastern slope of the Sierra is much more harsh and dry than the western side.

I wish you all, who enjoy the wilderness and outdoors, could share these wonderful trips and places with us. I hope in some small way, through my pictures I can share this land that we are so blessed with.


Jenn said...

Wow. Beautiful. How absolutely awesome. I'm already counting down the months until next summer so I can come out and spend some time riding in those mountaints with ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have no words. DAVID

mom said...

I love the pictures and how I wish I could get back on a horse and go rideing in those beautiful mountains with you guys.