Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Hot, sultry August days, cranky clients, grumpy dogs; I am glad to be working in air conditioning all day.

Someone forwarded me an e-mail claiming that Mars would be as large as the full moon on Monday night. I got up at 1:30 a.m. just to disprove that silly claim. Of course Mars wasn't huge, even difficult to see, due to the brilliance of the full moon. The bonus = I was awake to watch the total eclipse of the moon . Anyone else see it? Very cool stuff.

I sure enjoy the comments made to my blog. I try to reply but for some reason my blog does not accept my own comments. Thanks to you all for reading and for the remarks. I will keep trying to figure out how to answer.

I sure enjoy my digital camera. Sometimes I just experiment. The following photos are for fun. They are all nature shots. I've always enjoyed games, no one here will play Scrabble with me so here's a new game, no rules, just identify the pictures.

Picture #1

Picture # 2 (sorry)

Picture #3

Page #4

Picture #5


Jenn said...

Hmmm...I wonder why it won't accept your comments. Are you logged in when you comment?

Robert and I saw the was very cool, and did look like Mars moved up close and personal to the earth. We had perfectly clear skies to see it, too.

My picture guesses:
1. Big moth of unknown genetic origin.
2. What happens when rabbits don't find water in time.
3. The hidden entrance into a Lost Realm.
4. A close-up of the skin of the elusive "California Tree Giant."
5. Water dragon eggs in their gel-like protective substance.

amy said...

My picture guesses:
1. A wet rocky area that is starting to dry out in the sunlight
2. Chupacabra corpse
3. Milk processing plant
4. Satellite picture of canyons
5. A methane lake on Saturn's moon Titan

Darlene said...

I didn't believe the thing about Mars can it be sooo far away one night, then the next just randomly as big as the moon, the next small again? I didn't see the eclipse as I was sleeping, but Phil got to see the whole thing in his hour drive to work.

Hey wait a minute, I remember not too long ago how much you despised and thought digital cameras were stupid because you don't have that "hard copy" and because you delete bad pictures when all pictures even bad are memories... and now you love it HAHAHAHA

I LOVE playing scrabble. Phil and I used to play ALL the time, but haven't played in a long while :(

HAHAHA OK I can't possible be as correct in my picture guesses as Jenn and Amy, so I give up!

diane said...

ok...does the winner get a $400. gift certificate to Home Depot???
here we go...
#1 Polyphemus Mothra
#2 Jackalope Exoskeleton
#3 the magical Mossbrae Falls
#4 Pochahontas'Grandmother Willow
#5 Giant Squid (right top corner)
(how do we claim our winnings?)
Diane & Kevin :)

mom said...

I missed it all, kept looking for Mars and moon togather, missed eclipse, gave up want to bed.
pictures, my guess
2-dead rodent.
3-water fall.
4-treebark with little green face in middle of it.
5-looking down on earth, water and land of some kind.

Kathy said...

All are winners! Your answers made me laugh out loud. Di and Kev I had to reread my post to recall any mention of a prize.... but if you want prizes, I'll see what I can do. If you want the big stuff, you have to go to Pioneer Woman. Thanks for playing with me everyone.