Thursday, August 23, 2007


It has been so hot here and will be so all week. I've had two days off work and spent most of my time indoors catching up on indoor 'stuff', taking advantage of air conditioning.
Jerry is headed home tonight after spending two days working 'up north' in the mountains at a power house. I finished up all the left overs in the fridge so had to venture out this afternoon to buy food. I'll cook a couple of burgers out on the grill tonight. I have also sliced up a melon and my taste test proves it is an excellent one. The grocery store had a cut flower sale that I couldn't pass up. A big bunch of white roses and baby's breath for the dining table and a luscious bunch of deep pink roses for the bedroom. How the fresh flowers seem to cool the rooms!
The news is on briefly, more wild fires, but the one up in Truckee/Donner is controlled. This winter and spring were so dry, I am afraid we'll be seeing fires until the rains come. Time to turn off the news, I've seen enough.
Looking forward to snow skiing!

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mom said...

to bad not away to share some of the hard rains we had. Tonadoes did miss us, so glad for that. still hot here. Dad did go out and cut some grass today, picked hotess part of day to do that, but he got board doing nothing.
Hope those fires are put out before all the beautiful forest burnt up.