Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Produce and Blooms

Darkness creeps in earlier, the night air is refreshingly cooler, rain is falling in the high country and the oak leaves are falling in our yard. Farewell summer, I'll miss you.

August is a hot, dry time here in California. The grass is 'golden' and thirsty.

The pastures lack green grass, our wild flowers are no longer in bloom, in the country our vehicles are dust covered.

In hot, dry, golden, thirsty month of August we witness the Resurrection Lily.

The stalks seem to grow as you watch.

Bright pink Lily blooms soon brighten the gardens.

One short month and the flowers fade away.

The final day of August was one of celebration. My peach crop was ready for harvest. Our second harvest here at the log cabin was 3x greater than last year's crop.

Tristan was eager to pick the ripe fruit while I documented our great success. I battled three major fruit tree diseases this spring, insects all summer, jay birds that ate every single ripe nectarine. One peach tree survived but bore no fruit, but this tiny little tree not only survived, she gifted us with ten wonderfully delicious peaches. Cool!

Peaches in crystal.

Geraniums have been blooming. Maybe no deer will sneak in to eat them this year.

The summer squash are growing well in some very entertaining shapes. Plenty of zucchini also.
Farewell to August but I am glad that September is here.
Our dusty trails are craving some rain......


di :) said...

OMG, your grass is SO not green! :)
thanks for the blog update.

lov ya, mom said...

that sure is some small peach tree, and bare all those so delicious yummy peachs. I love peachs..
Guess we're not the only ones to have a dry summer, with brown grass. Squash looks good. why I won't have a veggy garden, have very little to show for all the work one puts into it. Weather, wind and animals bad.

lov ya, mom said...

Maybe, I could get some Resurrection Lilies to grow for me? can they take high winds?

Rach said...

Beautiful poetry. :o)

Jenn said...

Lovely, lovely lilies!

Did you guys eat the peaches fresh or have them warmed with vanilla icecream? We got no peaches this year but did pick quite a few pears! No cherries either dang birds.

I'll share some of our rain...we've had way more than enough this year. Nothing turned brown and everything grew like we are living in a tropical rain forest or something!