Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The previous post reminded me of a recent case at work, I'll share pictures knowing a few readers may be interested. Others won't enjoy, so Di, you may want to skip this one.

The bulbs these Lily sprouts emerged from, oddly resemble.........

The tumor sprouting from this cute guy's head! Am I right?
He is an older fellow and the owner was concerned about surgery at his age, but when the ugly mass grew large enough to droop over his eye and began to ooze, she agreed surgery was the best option.

The area was shaved and prepped for surgery.

The lump was successfully excised.

........skin opposed and sutured.

And this sweet old boy recovered rapidly and is doing quite well.
Good news, the tumor was benign, not malignant.


Jenn said...

That is one big tumor! Poor guy looks like he's happy to have that lump off his head and out of his eyes.

You do such amazing things.

Rach said...

Well done, Doc! That is an ugly, ugly tumor. I'm SO happy it was benign.

lov mom f said...

glad it wasn't benign and he is doing well. I don't think I could have let it go for so long, get so big, what if it was benign?

di :) said...

i didn't look closely at the pictures just skimmed and read the text, thank you for the warning :)