Friday, September 24, 2010

Point Reyes, California, Part 3, The Pacific Coast

We made it! Tracks tell that we weren't the first riders on the beach that afternoon.

Our destination, the Pacific Coast. The waves were high, the wind blowing and the roar of the surf constant. Both horses were on high alert.

First close-up look at the big noisy ocean.

Once she figured out the waves weren't attacking, she focused her attention on the globs of kelp littering the sand.

As we s l o w l y walked aong the beach, my mare kept watch between the waves, the kelp and the small rocks that tumbled down the cliffs beside us. Horses point their ears in the direction of their interest, her ears were spinning like little wind mills. I did not take bunches of pictures, there was the greater need to use all of my skill to keep my hot, red-headed, firecracker of a horse between my legs!

It was a great time.
I think I need to return to this sweet place.



lov ya mom f said...

I guess one can say, the horse did real good for first time at Ocean. But wasn't your first time on horse at Ocean. but bet it was lot different this ride on your own horse, then a horse that always rode by Ocean? In PR..
Glad you want to go back and do again..

david said...

Thanks for the trip. Still don't know why I live here.

Kathy said...

David, I do..... family! You are always welcome to visit.

di :) said...

these pictures make me want to plan another visit. miss ya

Karen Deborah said...

What a great life. The horses are diggin the experience as much as you are. Red heads are the same in all species then?